Don’t let the name fool you: As marijuana strains go, 9lb Hammer is not known for delivering a sledgehammer high. That’s not because it doesn’t – THC levels can be fairly strong – but because its real value is as medicine.

In fact, this strain isn’t even named after a real hammer; it apparently gets its moniker from a Seattle dive bar.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of either the bar or the strain. This isn’t an especially famous type of weed, at least not outside of medical marijuana markets, but its popularity is growing on the West Coast.

9lb Hammer Genetics

9lb hammer review
9lb Hammer Review

9lb Hammer is a genetic blend of Jack the Ripper, a sativa; Hell’s Angel OG, a hybrid; and Gooberry, an indica. Each has its fans, but like their Hammer offspring, none top any bestseller lists.

9lb Hammer Medicinal Uses

9 lb hammer strain review
9 lb Hammer Strain Review

The indica side dominates in this strain, making it a good choice for patients who suffer from stress and chronic pain. Depression, insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation can also be treated with 9lb Hammer.

9lb Hammer Effects

nine pound hammer strain
9lb Hammer Strain

The high is heavy, strong, and long-lasting, a definite indica experience that makes this a good bedtime medicine. And with at least a touch of CBD, 9lb Hammer may help ease the kind of physical pain that can lead to opioid addiction.

The heavy body-centered effects are deeply relaxed and sleepy, with potent euphoria and a subtle mood boost to end the day. This strain will leave you hungry, so maybe give yourself an hour between toking and sleep for a snack.

Like any cannabis strain, 9lb Hammer causes a few short-term negative effects – mostly dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasional paranoia. Dizziness is also possible, as well as more generalized anxiety.

9lb Hammer aroma

This strain has an earthy flavor and smell, with notes of grapes and other sweet berries. The taste has been compared favorably to more popular grape strains, especially Bubblicious.

You’ll have a hard time finding 9lb Hammer anywhere on the black market, but it sells in many medical pot dispensaries on the West Coast, as well as in Nevada and Colorado. It’s a THC-heavy strain, so some recreational shops may also sell it.

Whether you suffer from chronic joint pain, the side effects of radiation therapy, or panic attacks, 9lb Hammer is worth a try. And there’s no disputing that it has a great name.

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