There’s not much Terrence Trimble loves more than interacting with the community… but indulging in a few of his favorite strains is definitely a close second. Terrance got in with the industry working as a trimmer for a local company in Phoenix, Arizona, but his retail experience led him to the front of the house. His passion for interaction and education quickly gained him recognition and respect as a budtender. “I love having a positive impact on someone’s day… being able to help change a mood, relieve pain, improve life… That’s really rewarding.”

Curaleaf’s assistant store manager and Budtender of the Year stays lifted with a few top choices that will get you in the spooky spirit.  So, load your Netflix queue with the Halloween classics, stock up on some sour candy straws, and light it up.

1. GG#4

Indica-dominant hybrid

Lineage: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel

GG#4 weed strain


“This is my all-time favorite strain,” Terrence says with conviction. “I’m always excited to see it available at Curaleaf, especially a batch from AZ Nectar Farms.” So, what makes it so great? The average THC range weighs in at 25-30%, and it promotes feelings of happiness and euphoria mixed with a hella chill vibe, while the body high is known to ease chronic pain. “If Jesus needed to smoke some weed, this would be it,” Terrence laughs. Just don’t be alarmed by the smell of a moldy towel that never got the chance to dry out… that means it’s working.

2. GMO Cookies

Indica-dominant hybrid

Lineage: Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies

GMO cookies weed strain


Keep vampires at bay with the garlicky-dank stank of this strain. Just picked up a vaporizer? GMO Cookies are the perfect way to break it in. The Indica-dominant hybrid hits hard with a seriously relaxing effect that lingers for hours. “It’s one to show off,” says Terrence of the Item 9 Labs Corp. often stocked at Curaleaf locations throughout the valley. Ringing in at an average of 25-30% THC content, the compact and crown-like buds this strain produces are known to provide almost instant relief to those suffering from chronic pain, stress, or inflammation.

3. Chronic Thunder

Indica- dominant hybrid 

Lineage: Alaskan Thunder x Dr. Chronic

chronic thunder weed strain


Your first hit of Chronic Thunder might just shake you to the bone, but like, in a good way. Reach for this strain when you have literally nothing to do because the perfect mix of euphoric haziness it delivers is best enjoyed kicked back. Terrence notes, if you’re prone to anxiety, ease in, because it may just agitate it. But overall, the flower is known for its support in mental health management and pain, arthritis, and insomnia. AZ Nectar Farms’ take on this strain has Terrence seriously stoked, and he encourages patients to keep an eye out for the chunky light green buds adorned with bright orange hairs at their next stop into Curaleaf. This bud is so sticky, you best believe it will leave you coffin (I had to do at least one Halloween pun).

4. Jack Herer

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Lineage: I’d tell you… but I’d have to kill you.

jack herer weed strains


When you spot this strain sporting a solid lime-green hue, snatch it up, because it’s going to be a good one. So good that Terrence kept a 6.5-gram nug of Jack Herer by Item 9 in a mason jar for almost a month, just to admire it. “You can definitely feel the Sativa,” he notes. “It’s a great daytime strain.” Known to deliver a clear-headed high, the uplift it brings lasts just a couple of hours and isn’t followed by a comedown so it’s the perfect choice for a wake and bake sesh to start your mood off right. Named after the legendary cannabis activist and advocate, this world-renowned strain isn’t one to sleep on.

5. Tres Leches

Sativa-dominant hybrid 

Lineage: Koolato with Cookies and Cream

tres leches weed strain


“If you don’t want to go full Sativa [because of anxiety], this strain is a great option that’ll have you feeling uplifted and giggly,” Terrence explains. Ideal for easing stress, depression, and pain, Tres Leches lives up to its name with a cake-like aroma that will leave your mouth watering (or… really dry, because, you know, cottonmouth). Terrence encourages patients to try out Item 9 Labs Tres Leches when it comes through Curaleaf- and Errl Cup judges agree (they awarded Item 9 Labs’ Tres Leches 2nd Place Hybrid in 2019). If you’re looking for a chill yet productive vibe, this is it!

Go with the Grow 

Terrence urges patients to explore and stay educated on local cultivators because that can mean even more than a strain name. “Keep your eye out for brands and learn about local growers and their specialties,” he says. “If you’re looking for value, ask your budtender for a brand that produces good yields.” Or, if you’re treating a specific medical ailment, find someone that focuses on the right terpenes to aid your condition. “Once you find a cultivator you like, you can expect much more consistency between their strains than you would a strain name from different grows,” Terrence notes.

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