Ask any grower out there, whether commercial or private, and ensuring high yields is probably foremost in his list of priorities. Strong, healthy, potent, and flavorful… these are all highly desirable qualities for marijuana plants.

But there is just something about huge yields that causes a thrill of excitement in even the most experienced and jaded grower. Whether for impressing other people, ensuring high profit margins, or for ensuring your own satisfaction, high yields are what to aim for.

There are a number of marijuana strains known for producing consistently high yields, but it is important to realize that abundance during harvest is often dependent on many factors. Outdoor growing almost always results in larger yields than indoor grows, for which you will typically need a large, high-ceilinged grow room with abundant lighting.

You will also have to pay attention to the nutrients you use, opting for high-performance nutrients instead of those commonly sold in gardening shops. Factors such as topping, pruning, and ensuring proper light cycles also come into play when going for high-yield harvests.

All such factors being equal, the marijuana strains you choose will ultimately play a significant role in the amount of bud yielded. There are strains that are simply known to produce bigger and larger buds, which contributes to a higher yield overall. Here are some marijuana strains that you can generally count on to produce monster yields.

PLushberry1.  Plushberry

A product of the renowned TGA Subcool seed outfit, Plushberry is an Indica-dominant strain that produces huge yields in a variety of indoor or outdoor grow settings. Also known for its potency and striking visual appearance, Plushberry is a great choice when abundant amounts of powerful and fragrant bud are desired…which for most growers is pretty much every time!

Jack Herer2.  Jack Herer

Originally bred by Sensi Seeds, Jack Herer is now more commonly available from a variety of U.S.-based growers and breeders. With a proud lineage comprising some of the most revered marijuana strains of the 1960s and the 1970s, Jack Herer is fragrant, potent, impressive-looking, and high yielding…basically everything a grower looks for in a marijuana strain!

Cinderella 993.  Cinderella 99

Apart from producing huge yields, Cinderella 99 is also famous for its extraordinarily short blooming stage, which lasts anywhere from 50 to 63 days. Related to Jack Herer in terms of lineage, Cinderella 99 is capable of producing huge buds that impart their own unique high and flavor, and spectacularly large yields of course.

pineapple express4.  Pineapple Express

We all know of this strain from the Seth Rogen/James Franco movie of the same name, but it was actually developed in response to the movie’s immense popularity. Nevertheless, Pineapple Express has become a legitimate marijuana strain in its own right, and its potency, short flowering period, and huge yields ensures its place in the modern cannabis gene pool.

white widow5.  White Widow

There was a time when White Widow was almost ubiquitous with every grower from coast-to-coast. Although less available than it used to be, White Widow continues to reign supreme due to its easy growing requirements, distinctive crystal-encrusted appearance, and huge yields.


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