Getting into the world of dab tech can be a bit of a challenge. With new technologies, equipment types, and an ever-growing list of cannabis concentrates being changed or released every day it can be a bit of a bugger to get started and keep your knowledge level sharp. Whether you’re new to dabbing entirely or just want to brush up your skills and level of understanding, Dab University is the solution for you. 

What it covers:

  • Information for beginners: what is dabbing and how is it done
  • Introduction to all the different tools you’ll need for your dabbing journey
  • Different sizes and types of joints on your dab rig, and how to find the nails that will fit your rig.
  • Dabbing temperatures — high vs low temp dabs, pros/cons, terpenes/taste etc.
  • eNails – why they’re good and what you get with a Yo Dabba Dabba enail
  • More advanced concentrate types
  • Cleaning and maintenance of rigs/nails 
  • Advanced dabbing techniques
  • Concentrate types and extraction methods

What it costs: 

  • FREE to study 
  • Optional graduation pack – $25 (includes shirt, stickers, and diploma) 

Taught by: 

  • Litt Britt and Terp Tina, the ladies of Yo Dabba Dabba (years of experience)

About the course

Dab University is a new course taught by the brilliant minds at Yo Dabba Dabba, which is an online resource for all things cannabis concentrates, dab technology and equipment. They offer educational resources on tons of different related subjects as well as actual equipment for all your dabbing needs, including eNails, dab tools, carb caps, dab rigs and other accessories. Dab University is a weekly class taught by the ladies of Yo Dabba Dabba, Lit Britt and Terp Tina. Every week, they offer a different lesson in dabbing with interactive educational videos and test materials that will help you to become a cannabis concentrate and dabbing pro in no time. 

Register for class by clicking the image below.

Dab University makes it possible for concentrate newbies and enthusiasts alike to learn everything they need to know about taking the perfect dab. Best of all, it’s completely free to study. Each week, you’ll join Lit Britt and Terp Tina as they walk you through an instructional and informational video. Each lesson also comes with additional articles for further independent reading that can help you become an expert. After each lesson and independent reading, you will be tested on everything you learned so that you really absorb the information. If you need to go back and watch a video again, you can always redo the lessons on your own time. Dab University content is always available online for free. 

While each 15-minute lesson is completely free, you can also sign up for the graduation pack which includes a Dab Univerisity diploma when you finish the class, a bumper sticker, and a collegiate style “Dabletics” t-shirt that you can use to represent your knowledge and school spirit. In order to earn your diploma, you will be given a final exam on all of the subject material covered through Dab University. You’re not guaranteed to pass, but if you study the material you should have no problem. Even if you don’t pass the first time, you can always go through the class again until you get that “degree”! 

Want a teaser of what’s to come? Check out the preview below:

Each Dab University class covers a different dab-related subject. At first, the course covers all of the introductory stuff including what dabbing is and how it’s done. It also covers all the tools you’ll need to properly dab, how they work, and how to spot high-quality products. Dab University will also walk you through rigs and nails, fittings and eNails before diving into dabbing techniques and rig cleaning or hygiene. The class will teach you how to take the perfect dab at the correct temperature for each different concentrate type. Best of all, the course even talks in-depth about advanced concentrate types, extraction methods, and dabbing techniques, such as the art of the cold-start dab

Aside from that, Dab University also covers the history of cannabis concentrates, how to properly dose a dab, FAQs, etiquette for social smoking, and what to expect your first time. All in all, Dab University is an awesome free course that’ll teach you everything you need to know about dabbing in the comfort of your own home. Lessons are now available at Yo Dabba Dabba, so be sure to check it out! 


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