While academics debate as to what “age” we’re in — a new Gilded Age, the Age of Reckoning, the Age of Aquarius — the fact is we remain in the Age of Information simply because it is so readily available to so many people. Never in human history has it been this easy to, say, find the nearest pizza place open at 3AM. Or, find a hotel that accommodates dogs. We’ve even gamified finding the love of your life, so why not make it easier to find smoke shops near you? Welcome to the Golden Age of Finding Shops Near You, a subsection of the Information Age, perhaps. 

Whether you’re traveling or want to find a good place near where you live, finding a great smoke shop is a little more complicated. Not all shops are alike. There are ones that have been around a while, and bold new upstarts that might offer a different experience. Each shop has someone buying their products, too, which may or may not be to your liking. The fact is, accessories have been a business for a lot longer than cannabis has been legal in some states, so there are smoke shops that have either changed with the times or ones that remain rooted in burning incense and selling “hippie gear.”

Find a headshop that suits your needs

What makes a good shop? Everyone is different, so it might be different for you. Perhaps you want a knowledgeable staff who can get to know what you need. Or, maybe you want a large selection to try over time. Perhaps you know what you want, so you want a fast, efficient location. Sometimes you may want a place that has a small, friendly staff, but options on accessories, even items like posters or clothing. And everyone appreciates great customer service.

Introducing: Heady Pages

So how do you find these places? Obviously there are the major search engines. You can futz around on these for a while, perhaps never quite finding all the info you’re looking for, never mind finding reviews by actual customers. That’s why Heady Pages was built.

Heady Pages is a custom directory of smoke shops across the country. Listings include ratings, detailed shop descriptions, user reviews, and more. There’s also some handy info about different brands and what they offer. The goal was to make a one-stop shop for your search needs, whether you’re just in town for a few days or you’ve lived there all your life. The benefit of a custom search tool like HeadyPages is its narrow scope and valuable, crowdsourced information. People gripe about Yelp reviews, but the fact is they still read them and use them to help determine whether to eat somewhere. With HeadyPages, you’ll find directory information from the shop as well as user reviews to help you make an informed choice when it comes to shopping. And if you do find the “perfect shop” you can also help others find it by contributing your own reviews and comments about the shops you visit.

Visit Heady Pages to find the best smokeshops in your area here.

find best smoke shops near you


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