Since 1988, every old head and new has held a Graffix bong in their hands at one point or another. Using an acrylic Graffix bong is kinda like a rite of passage. Seriously, my first bong was one of the bright red, indestructible acrylic bubble bongs. Even though I’ve honed in my preferences, the company and their bongs still hold a special place in my heart. Below I’m giving you my honest opinion on Graffix water pipes, so let’s jump right in.

What are Graffix bongs made of? 

Traditionally, when you think Graffix, you think of those brightly colored acrylic bongs in all different shapes and sizes, proudly displaying their 420 jester logo. More recently, the company has also expanded to glass, including rigs, recyclers, and hand pipes. They also sell quartz nails and glass replacements for the Pufffco Peak. Their glass is honestly pretty sturdy and nice to look at, but it is a lot more expensive than glass from other companies.

At the end of the day though, Graffix got famous for their acrylic pieces that have been used as an affordable water pipe for the last 30-plus years. They typically range from $20 to $50, since acrylic is a super cheap and sturdy material. To drive that point home, I’ve had an acrylic Graffix pipe tucked away in a closet for the last 15 years and it still looks and tastes great. Acrylic is a virtually indestructible type of plastic, which comes with its own set of pros and cons. However, Graffix acrylic pipes are super easy to disassemble and clean, and come with a glass downstem and bowl slide to help keep plastic out of your lungs.

What are the pros and cons of acrylic bongs?

Since acrylic bongs are basically made of plastic, they have a lot of unique pros and cons compared to other water pipe materials like glass or silicone. But let’s start with the good stuff first:


First and foremost, acrylic is super cheap. You’re going to have a really hard time finding a glass bong of comparable size in the $20-$50 range, so Graffix bongs make for a really good budget-friendly option when you’re just getting started with water pipes. While the material itself is cheap, acrylic is also extremely durable and lightweight, so if you’re accident prone or tend to wander while you smoke like me, they’re great. You can take an acrylic bong with you on the go and use during outdoor activities without worrying about destroying it. They’re also pretty to look at and come in lots of different sizes, shapes and colors. Their simple no-fuss design and durable material also mean that they’re super easy to clean. Graffix bongs are designed for easy disassembly, which makes them easier to keep them clean in between uses and during a deep clean.

On the other hand, there are also a few drawbacks to acrylic. Unlike glass bongs which are flavorless, acrylic bongs tend to leach a little plasticky flavor into your smoke. That’s especially true if you’re using it rapid-fire, since acrylic doesn’t stand up to heat as well as other materials. When heated, plastic can release certain chemicals, which may come with potential heath risks, though the extent of any health risks is still a subject of debate. Too much excess heat during regular use can also cause it to warp and leach more of those gross flavors. To take it a step further, you won’t normally find things like percolators or other filtration devices built into an acrylic bong, which often leads to harsher smoke and higher heat, unless you’re using a Graffix bong with a super long vapor path and plenty of ice. While they are easy to disassemble and clean, repeat use with harsh cleaning supplies might degrade the acrylic or scratch it up, which might cause it to look cloudy or compromise the material and promote more flavor leaching.

At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately up to you. Glass is my personal preference, but when you’re in a pinch and need a good budget friendly option you can’t go wrong with acrylic. As long as you take care to clean it carefully and not subject it to too much overheating, it’ll take care of you for years like my Graffix has taken care of me.

Types of Graffix Bongs 

There are 4 main types of Graffix acrylics, including Bubbles, Straights, Steamrollers, and Bent Grippers. They come in all different sizes and colors to suit your personal tastes and preferences. Below, I’ll break them down more in depth.


graffix steamroller bong
Graffix Steamroller Bong

The Steamroller is a classic small bong made from a cylindrical tube with one open end (the mouthpiece) and a carb hole on the opposite side. To use a Steamroller, you cover the carb hole while lighting the bowl, then release the carb to clear the smoke quickly through the mouthpiece. The Graffix steamroller is medium-sized, ranging from about 6 to 12 inches in length. The bowl and downstem can’t be removed, and these don’t hold water. They’re nice if you want a big hit from a steamroller, but the smoke burns like hell and you’ll cough a lot.

Bubble Bong

graffix bubble bong
Graffix Bubble Bong

The Bubble bong is named after its spherical-shaped water chamber, which provides additional space for water filtration. It’s connected to a straight tube that your smoke passes through after it makes it out of the water chamber, helping to cool the smoke. They come in a lot of different colors and sizes, ranging from 8 to 72 inches. The tube attached to it can also be skinny or fat, ranging from 1-2” wide, giving you a thinner or wider mouthpiece and vapor path. Choosing between skinny or fat is your choice, since the actual water chamber is the same larger size either way.

Straight Bong

graffix bong straight
Graffix Straight Bong

The Straight bong is a basic, straight tube design with minimal features for a straightforward smoking experience. It consists of a single straight tube from the base to the mouthpiece, ensuring the smoke travels directly from the bowl, through the tube, and into your mouth with water filtration. Straight bongs come in various sizes, typically ranging from 6 to 72 inches in height. Like the bubble bong, the neck and mouthpiece can be fat or skinny, giving you a narrow or wide mouthpiece. Typically for the straight bongs I recommend going with the fat version, since it creates a bigger vapor path and helps to cool your smoke down.

Bent Gripper

Graffix bong bent gripper
Graffix Bent Gripper

The Bent Gripper bong incorporates a unique bent neck design that acts as a splash guard and helps to cool the smoke before inhalation. The bent neck comes with a few molded finger-holds which makes it easier to grip and use, and the water filtration system ensures a smoother smoke. Bent Gripper bongs are all 12 inches tall and come in a ton of great colors. I like these since the glass downstem has a pull-slide with a handle and a comfortable mouthpiece.

How much do Graffix bongs cost? 

graffix plastic bongs

Since acrylic is such a cheap material, Graffix water pipes are very affordable, and you can find them for as cheap as $20. However, the larger you go, the more expensive they get. The 72” Bubble, for example, is $60 at the tippy top of the price range.

The Final Verdict

Graffix has been around since 1988. If they made a crappy product, they wouldn’t still be around. That said, Graffix still makes great products at every possible price range. Whether you go for their affordable acrylic bongs that range from $20-$60, or you opt for some of their heavy-duty glass ranging from $40 to $420, you’re sure to find something that looks awesome and works great. While acrylic comes with its own pros and cons, the durability and the sticker prices can’t be beat, and neither can my nostalgia filter. Seriously, there’s nothing quite like holding a piece of history in your hands like these pieces by Graffix. My final verdict is a 4.5/5 for price, recognition, quality, and functionality.


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