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Marijuana has taken over mainstream news headlines across the country and infiltrated everything from politics and business to health and science. We’re here to deliver educated information that every stoner should know. Our articles report on the latest happenings in the industry and the inner workings that influence it.

FryDay Kush Ice Cube Cannabis Brand

Ice Cube Launches His Own Cannabis Brand

It’s perhaps a little surprising that the star of classic 90’s pot-laden comedy Friday and founding member of N.W.A. Ice Cube didn’t already have...
capitol rioter doobie smoker arrested by fbi

Rioter Who Smoked Joint in Capitol Arrested by FBI

During the riot in Washington D.C. on January 6, a huge number of participants took selfies and posted them on social media. This has...
marijuana for seniors

Marijuana for Seniors: A Cannabis Guide for the Elderly

Older folks, aka "seniors" over 65, are using cannabis in increasing numbers. In fact, cannabis consumption by this demographic has doubled since 2015. What...
Rick Steves Norml Board of Directors

Rick Steves, Longtime Cannabis Advocate, to Become Chairman of NORML Board of Directors

Not everyone is aware of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML. Even so, NORML has been fighting for legalization...
U.S. Senate Leadership Unveils Plan to Federally Legalize Weed

U.S. Senate Leadership Unveils Plan to Federally Legalize Weed

Filed under, “a long time coming,” the leadership in the U.S. Senate has signaled its intent to push marijuana legalization forward in a real...
federal marijuana law

Federal Marijuana Law: We’re Closer Than Ever to Nationwide Cannabis Reform

We are closer than ever to cannabis reform on a federal level. But the evolution of federal marijuana law has been a long and...
cannabis company sued kool cigarettes copying logo

Cannabis Company Sued by Kool Cigarettes for Allegedly Copying Their Logo

The legal weed business hasn’t been helping the tobacco industry much, and there’s little love lost between the two. One is an entrenched business...
poll legal marijuana popularity

Legalizing Marijuana Is More Popular than Joe BIden or $15 Minimum Wage, Poll Finds

With social media creating “reality bubbles” it can be difficult to judge public sentiment unless you’re tuned into surveys, polls, studies and analysis. Is...

Forget “Fake News” and keep relevant with our articles that report on the latest happenings in the industry and the inner workings that influence it. The cannabis industry is easily the fastest-growing market of the century, so it can be a lot of work to keep up while picking through biased information and click bait. Our site is dedicated to providing the latest cannabis news as it pertains to business, politics, and health in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner.

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