More is happening in the world of cannabis today than ever before. With legalization of medical and recreational weed sweeping the US, it seems that not a day passes without some sort of step forward towards full acceptance of marijuana use.

We cover the latest amendments in cannabis law, medical marijuana, upcoming events and more.


new york city seals 360 marijuana convictions

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States across the nation continue to carry the wide sweeping duty of wiping out old marijuana convictions for many citizens that have long been...
Marijuana Use Among Americans Continues To Rise

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If you’ve ever heard the old question, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” you may ask that same question with the following...
K9 hospitalized after finding synthetic weed prison

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Synthetic weed has been a scourge for a while now, causing thousands of emergency room visits just a few years ago. A resurgence in...
cryptocurrency cannabis bank

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The intersection of cannabis and cryptocurrency isn’t new, but a new crypto bank is hoping to bring more legitimacy to those efforts. You may...
dispensary shut down owner caught selling meth

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There are always going to be people that abuse the system. There are people that abuse the welfare system, the “please-only-take-one-sample” policy, and many...
roadside marijuana test approved canada

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The Canadian police now have a new tool in their arsenal for cracking down on drivers who may have used cannabis, but it’s also...

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New generations are taking control. A recent Gallup survey reports that only 15 percent of adults have smoked cigarettes in the past week, just...