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cannabis microdosing inhaler

An Inhaler That Dispenses a Perfect Microdose of Cannabis Is Now Available

A groundbreaking new product is becoming readily available in the medical cannabis community. The new product is an inhaler that claims to be safer...
cbd reduces alcohol consumption

CBD Use May Be Associated with Reduced Alcohol Intake, Research Reveals

Looking to cut down on the booze? Maybe you need to start smoking CBD-heavy weed. That, at least, is one possible interpretation of a new...
Legalization in Canada Is Successfully Eating Away at the Black Market

Study Shows Legalization in Canada Is Successfully Eating Away at the Black Market

One of the biggest arguments for legalizing cannabis in various states has always been to reduce the size of the illicit black market drug...
denver approves cannabis consumption lounges and delivery

Denver Approves Cannabis Consumption Lounges and Delivery

Often for pot smokers, legalizing weed sales is only half the battle, especially if you’re a tourist making use of another jurisdiction’s more relaxed...
Sober Living Home Medical Marijuana Treat Addiction

Sober Living Home in Utah Is State’s First to Use Medical Marijuana to Treat...

A Utah sober living home for recovering addicts appears to be having some success letting its residents use legal medical marijuana on the premises. Men’s...
states legalized weed

Seven States Have Legalized Weed in the Last 6 Months

In the past six months, marijuana legalization in the US has gone into overdrive. Since the 2020 elections, seven states have joined the legal...
Three Quarters Americans Oppose Marijuana Prohibition

New Poll: Three-Quarters of Americans Oppose Marijuana Prohibition

In these supposedly divisive times, there’s one policy most Americans of all backgrounds can get behind: marijuana legalization. That’s the take, at least, from...
virginia legalize marijuana

Virginia Officially Becomes First State in the South to Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana legalization marches on to the South, with Virginia becoming the sixteenth state to pass the measure. After sailing through the Virginia Assembly, the bill...

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