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Marijuana has taken over mainstream news headlines across the country and infiltrated everything from politics and business to health and science. We’re here to deliver educated information that every stoner should know. Our articles report on the latest happenings in the industry and the inner workings that influence it.

legalized marijuana essential police reform

Legalizing Weed Is Essential For Real Police Reform, Bernie Sanders Says

America’s harmful War On Drugs didn’t just damage communities by throwing people in jail for long sentences due to low-level drug crimes, it weakened...

70% of Americans Agree Cannabis Use Is Morally Acceptable

It seems that a few decades can really make a difference in public opinion. In the dawn of the 20th century, the powers that...
women vs men thc

Does THC Affect Women More Than Men? This Study Suggests It Does

Cannabis can have different effects, sure, but are the effects different based on gender? Gender can be a complicated subject, but a recent study...
cannabis use thc semen

Heavy Cannabis Use Can Cause THC-Infused Semen, Study Finds

Marijuana naysayers have long opined that smoking pot is harmful to the unborn -- be it “damaged chromosomes” in sperm, or infertility, or “brain...
cannabis use prevents migraines

Prolonged Cannabis Treatment Reduces Migraines, Study Suggests

Suffering from migraines? While medical marijuana advocates have painted weed as a cure for just about everything, medical research is catching up to these...
residual solvents cannabis concentrates

What you need to know about leftover solvents in cannabis concentrates

Last year, there was a huge scare over the adverse side effects on people caused by leftover solvents found in cannabis extracts -- specifically,...
high thc strains dont get you higher

Do Strains With High THC Actually Get You Higher? This Study Says Not Necessarily

What we’re learning about the endocannabinoid system is that it is both complicated and yet simple. That is, the principles of how it works...
THCP CBDP New Cannabinoids Discovered

THCP and CBDP: Study Leads to Discovery of Two New Cannabinoids

Cannabis is a bit like the deep sea, in that we haven’t quite explored all of it yet, and there are still a lot...

Forget “Fake News” and keep relevant with our articles that report on the latest happenings in the industry and the inner workings that influence it. The cannabis industry is easily the fastest-growing market of the century, so it can be a lot of work to keep up while picking through biased information and click bait. Our site is dedicated to providing the latest cannabis news as it pertains to business, politics, and health in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner.

Our writers are passionate industry experts who understand what’s important in the stoner culture. Mainstream media often lacks the insight to cover issues in their entirety, or offer a biased stance that restricts full coverage. We know what’s important and why, and we’ll share the facts.

Whether you are an avid consumer or a canna entrepreneur, we’ve got you covered. Keep updated on everything from legalization throughout the US and by state, to pop culture and the latest medical studies on the effects of consumption and how it aids in chronic pain, mental health and more.

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