Perhaps one of the best practical sides to cannabis legalization is the emerging choices consumers have as to how they want to experience cannabis. From concentrates to edibles to pre-rolls, there’s never been so many ways to enjoy marijuana. Also, in the wake of COVID-19, it appears our smoke sessions may be forever altered. The pandemic has accelerated a number of trends, from online experiences to wearing masks when out and about. As a result, it’s probably not a great idea to puff, puff, pass any time soon. There’s also a phenomenon known as microdosing, which is taking just a tiny bit of a hallucinogen so you don’t get the full effect, but enough to nudge things in the right direction. What do all of these things have in common? Mini joints.

It might seem simple enough to roll a smaller joint, but ask anyone who has rolled a “penner” of dank weed and they’ll tell you: They’re hard to smoke because the resin gums up the works as you smoke. Better is to have a smaller joint that still allows enough surface area for airflow, right? That’s where cannabis mini pre-rolls come in. They look like a normal joint that has been sliced precisely so it’s half as long.

Mini Pre-Rolled Joints

So about all that choice we have as consumers? It can be overwhelming. Mini joints are a predictable offshoot of pre-rolls, which are showing up in dispensaries as consumer demand grows. Most people will tell you they’re “not good” at rolling joints, so there’s a convenience factor for sure. What’s really compelling about pre-rolls, however, is that they’re just enough for one person to try out a strain to see if they like it. Or, for new cannabis consumers who don’t want to commit yet, or people who just don’t smoke that often.

Cannabis pre-rolls are expertly made, and can sometimes be found with kief sprinkled on them, or even dipped in concentrates. However, those are obviously not for beginners. It’s the convenience and portion control along with selection that’s driving consumer demand.

Introducing cannabis mini-rolls

For people who don’t want to be fully stoned, a smaller bit of smoke may be the perfect fit. Microdosing has hit the cannabis scene, an alternative to the giant blunts and huge bong pulls of yesteryear. If you’re an accountant but have anxiety, getting zonked during an audit is maybe a bad idea, but just enough to ease your stress works great. The key is for someone to try a little at first, and keep trying a little more until they can really feel the effects, because each strain has its own makeup and can hit a person differently. With mini-rolls, it’s a little easier to control the dosage of your smoke.

What are the benefits of mini joints?

Psychologically, smaller joints means better portion control. Ask anyone who does meal prepping how effective this technique can be. You can always smoke more, of course, but this is a handy way to keep from overindulging when you’re not paying attention. If you’ve ever lamented how much of your weed is literally going up in smoke as you relish a joint, this is also a way to cut down on that waste because you’re easily going to be able to smoke the whole mini.

Even when people are vaccinated, it’s likely that some will be afraid to share spit so easily as before. Given what we know, it’s likely that your smoke sesh is forever altered. So, if you want to enjoy a smoke with friends the minis are a great way to do exactly that without fear of waste or storing a half-smoked joint while keeping sanitary and safe.

What are the best mini pre-roll brands?


Besito Mini Joints
Besito Mini Joints

This brand is easily identified with its bold blue containers. They’re available in a pack of 10 mini joints or singles of 1 gram each. Besito is well known for vapes, and they maintain their carefully selected flower for their tiny joints are safe and fun. Available in hybrid, sativa, or indica and come in a reusable tin.

Prūf Cultivar

pruf cultivar mini pre rolled joints
Pruf Cultivar mini pre rolled joints

Based in Oregon, Cultivar is an innovator in the mini pre-rolled joints space. The company is known for using high-tech to create powerful and creative strains. It makes sense that they’re now offering a pre-roll pack of minis called Mt. Hood Magic Durban.

Swift Lifts

Sift Lifts Mini Pre Rolls
Sift Lifts Mini Pre Rolls

This is one of the few producers available in a range of states, and as such Swift Lifts may be seen in Illinois, Nevada, or Maryland. They offer a good variety of half-gram five-packs, so you’re likely to find a strain to your tastes.

Bondi Farms

Bondi Farms Tiny Joints
Bondi Farms Tiny Joints

Here you can find blended mini blunts, like Cherry Haze that’s a blend of Black Cherry Soda and Super Silver Lemon Haze. They’re based in Washington and worth checking out if you’re local.

Jane West Hemp Night Mini Joints

Jane West Hemp Night Mini Blunts
Jane West Hemp Night Mini Blunts

Another 10-pack, the Colorado cannabis queen, Jane West, has night and day versions of the mini joints, and because they’re Federally legal hemp, can be shipped anywhere.

Dogwalkers Mini Dog Pre-Rolls

Dogwalker Cannabis Mini Pre Rolls
Dogwalker Cannabis Mini Pre Rolls

Looking like they’re packed in something out of Downton Abbey, these classy cannabis mini pre rolls are made for more than walking your dog. They’re filled with premium buds, and come in five packs and singles but are only sativa for now. These are also in a reusable tin, handy for uses after you’ve smoked all the mini joints.


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