Now that we’re settling into a global lockdown to flatten the curve of the spread of coronavirus, you may be stuck at home with roommates and you want to smoke a bowl. Or, your neighbors smoke and they’re coming over. While we still want to maintain our distance, we are social animals and there are ways you can share weed without spreading coronavirus. It’s a novel virus, meaning our bodies have never encountered it before, and that’s why it’s so dangerous — but it’s also a virus and we know what we can do to prevent the spread of any virus, not just the very specific COVID-19 multiplying exponentially around the world.

1. Don’t Share Anything

First, if you don’t want to spread anything or risk catching this nasty bug yourself it’s simple: Don’t share anything! Coronavirus mostly spreads via moist particles, so sharing a joint, pipe, blunt or vape is going to be a prime way of spreading the virus. Seriously, just bring your own pipe or papers and flowers to the sesh and rest assured you’re not at risk or putting others at risk. Yes, there are devices like cigarette holders for joints or silicone mouth rings (for bongs and dab rigs), but there’s still a risk! Even fisting the joint or blunt, where you make a fist with a cavity inside and keep the joint’s wet end away from your mouth, can be risky due to the potential of getting saliva on your hand. Next thing you know you’re wiping that hand on your face and exposing yourself to more risk yet. 

2. Wipe Everything Down

If you absolutely, positively must share glass-smoking devices, use isopropyl alcohol to wipe down anywhere hands or mouths have been. Let the stuff dry or evaporate because anything over 90% or so is flammable. Does this slow things down? Yes. Does this completely protect you? Not necessarily! But it’s one way to try to sanitize anything before your put your mouth on it.

3. Torch Your Pipe Between Uses

If it’s a simple glass pipe or chillum you could use fire to sanitize the end, although you have to fire up that mouthpiece for longer than you think. You’re not just burning off the saliva on the outside, but anything that got just inside the pipe as well. You’re going to be inhaling through this thing, however, and unless you torch the insides entirely it’s still a pretty big risk. 

4. Stick To Edibles

Edibles are perhaps the safest way to enjoy cannabis together while we’re social distancing and isolating ourselves, but with some important caveats. First, wash your filthy hands! Second, if you’re having multiple edibles take what you want out of the container and do not pop them in your mouth, then reach back in. If you breathe on your fingers you could be dipping germy digits into the bag of gummies and risk infecting everyone down the line. 

Basically anything that goes in your mouth, when shared with someone else, puts you at risk. Want to cut your risk to zero? Stay home, enjoy your stash, and don’t share anything that comes in contact with your mouth for a while. Yes, it’s weird and yes these are unusual circumstances, but there are ways to stay safe if you follow recommendations.


  1. I wouldn’t share ANYTHING.If there is a 1 in 10,000 odds of catching anything.Like you said,use your own equipment.Personally, I don’t want anyone around ‘cept Zoey,my once feral cat. It DOES suck staying home,
    but if you look at it logically,the easy thing you’re doing is a hell of a lot better than the end game.


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