Have you heard of twaxing a joint? It’s likely you’ve seen it, maybe enjoyed it, but the basic idea is just adding a concentrate or hash to joints or bowls. While you can just toss some kief or shatter into a bowl, what you may have seen are beautifully rolled joints with a long, thin line of wax twisted around them. It’s nice to look at, and fun to smoke. How do you do it? Here are a few tips when it comes to rolling a twax joint so it helps burn evenly and provides maximum benefits.

How to twax a joint

There are a few options when it comes to twaxing a joint. You can put concentrates on the inside or outside of the joint. You’ll want to have some dabbing tools on hand to manipulate the concentrate. Of course, there are some waxes that are sticky and pliable enough to be ideal for twisting around the joint. And there’s some budder/waxes too brittle for anything but breaking up and sprinkling inside. If you have a snap-and-pull consistency, that’s ideal for inside OR outside.

Twaxing a joint by placing concentrates inside the joint is the easiest method.

Twaxing the inside of a joint

Putting concentrates in the joint is of course the easiest route. Put the paper down, and have some ground buds ready. Take your concentrate and use a lighter and dabbing tool as required to melt the concentrate to where you can spread it. Like putting icing on a long piece of bread, spread a little line of the concentrate from the top to the bottom of the rolling paper. Now sprinkle your buds on top as normal, and roll it up. Ideally you’ll get a hit of concentrate with every puff, and the joint looks pretty normal from the outside. You can, of course, sprinkle in shatter without heating it, or sprinkle chunks in as wax, but taking a moment to heat things up and spread the concentrate will provide a smoother, more even smoke. You can also take a pliable, sappy concentrate and twist a little snake, putting the small tube in the middle of the joint.

Twaxing outside of a joint

If you’ve got a pliable concentrate that you can form into a tiny snake, try putting it on the outside! It’s a challenge, but the effect is an eye-catching joint that’s fun to watch smoke. Take a sap concentrate and roll it into the long, pliable tube as you would have before, but then roll the joint without the sap inside. It’s advised that you roll a tight joint, and not a cone, to avoid uneven burning and cannabis falling out. Now take the concentrate and wrap it around the joint in a spiral shape. Stick a little at the top, then gently press the tube into the paper enough to keep it stuck as you twist it around the joint itself. 

twaxed joint
Get creative with these artistic twaxed joint styles.

Of course, the outside twaxed joint may take a little practice, but also keep in mind adding concentrates to your joints will increase their potency. Know your limits, and start small if you aren’t accustomed to lots of THC. Also, be mindful of the gooey concentrate as you smoke. Whether outside or inside, be careful about dripping, and if twisted around the joint, just slowly roll it around to keep the concentrate pointed “up” so it drips into the joint, not out of it. Overall, keep the concentrates fairly thin or light and buffered by plant matter to prevent molten concentrate from dripping or burning unevenly. You can even roll it in kief if you want, just slightly heat up the concentrate to increase the stickiness and roll it around to adhere the kief.

Obviously twaxing a joint is pretty different from dabbing. This is a smokier, hazier high that involves the plant matter (and compounds in it). It’s different, but sometimes that’s what you want. It also take a little practice to master the process of rolling a twaxed joint, but the visual effect is pretty neat. 


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