It’s a long while yet until America’s college students will get to cast off the chains of winter and celebrate spring break in the usual debauched style. Still, it’s never too early to start dreaming of warmer climes, prettier people, and better parties.

Not everyone prefers the standard mix of volleyball games, wet T-shirt contests, and keg stands, though. Some would rather chill out than get amped up, and that’s where weed comes in. So for the stoners in the room, here are the best locales for toking on spring break.


Beach in Cozumel MexicoMexico has yet to legalize marijuana for more than a handful of lucky people, but the day is clearly on its way. A recent ruling by the country’s Supreme Court means lawmakers are much more likely to consider full legalization in coming years.

But many parts of Mexico are already friendly to potheads. The nation is notorious for producing a large percentage of the world’s marijuana supply, and cultural mores in the more heavily populated cities have long since adapted to cannabis use by locals. The drug is decriminalized in Mexico City, meaning no legal risk beyond a small fine.

Even so, it’s best to be careful. Tourists are usually safe using pot in beach-front resort areas, but open marijuana consumption anywhere can result in arrest. So find the right part of the country, light up, and keep it to yourself. Then hit the beaches and relax like your life depends on it.

The U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands Beach“Virgin” is the ideal way to describe the long, white sand beaches that ring the islands of this U.S. territory in the Caribbean. The place is a calendar photographer’s dream and a great place to get a little lit.

Cannabis is decriminalized here, as it is in more than two dozen other U.S. territories and states. It’s also relatively easy to score on the streets, especially in nightclubs and other tourist-heavy areas near the water. But don’t plan on taking any home with you unless you want to risk a long visit with airport police.


Jamaica MarijuanaThe Caribbean was the first part of the New World to cultivate hemp plants – brought there by Christopher Columbus – so it’s no surprise Jamaica is one of the most weed-friendly locations on Earth. Lawmakers recently moved to legalize medical cannabis and decriminalize the drug for recreational use. Legalization may not be far behind.

Of course, Jamaica also has the famous tradition of Bob Marley and the Rastafarian sect, a religious group that uses marijuana as a sacrament. They have pushed for legal pot for decades, and also recently won important legal protections. Tourists still face civil fines for toking but are unlikely to encounter much of a hassle unless they light up in public.


Temple in CambodiaSoutheast Asia may not be at the top of every list of places to smoke up during the cold months, but Cambodia is surprisingly tolerant of marijuana use. The drug is bought and used openly, and a popular pizza chain sells joints and pies topped with bud. The country produces some of the world’s most potent weed, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Not to mention, you get to spend a week in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, a country littered with history. Ancient temples, dense jungles, and heavenly beaches offer an inspiring spring break adventure far from the frat boys of South Texas and Daytona Beach.

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