4/20 is right around the corner and the sales are everywhere! If you’re looking to get right for the holiday, you’ll be stoked to find out that we’ve done all the hard work and research for you. Below you’ll find a guide to the best 420 deals, specials and events happening in 2022. If you see something you like, just click the link and start shopping. We hope you have a very happy holiday this year.

1. Yo Dabba Dabba

420 Sale Yo Dabba Dabba
Save 35% sitewide from Yo Dabba Dabba from April 15 – 20

is one of the most innovative companies to enter the dab tech scene, and their store has everything you need to take your dabbing game to the next level. Here you can find everything from e-nails, to rigs, to bangers, and practically every accessory or tool you can imagine. This year they’re going all out for 420, and you can get your hands on all the exciting equipment you’ve kept on your wish list since Christmas. From April 15th to April 20th, you can save 35% on every product on their website. Just use promo code “35off420” at checkout!

2. Legal Smoke Shop 

420 Deals Legal Smoke Shop

is a great place if you’re looking for affordable products and super discreet and speedy shipping. You can find every type of smoking apparatus or accessory here, including pipes, water pipes, rigs, dabbing accessories, and other smoking accessories. Most importantly though, everything they sell is high quality. From April 16th to April 20th, they’re offering a 35% discount on your entire order with promo code “4twenty”.

3. CBD Living 

cbd living 420 sale
Save 40% on everything at CBD Living by using promo code “420FUN” from April 16th to April 21st.

is one of our favorite brands for hemp and CBD products. Everything they sell is specially formulated using nanotechnology, making the CBD up to 90% bioavailable compared to 10-15 percent bioavailability for CBD produced without nanotechnology. Each product is also 100% THC free, but made of other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that won’t cause any sort of intoxicating effects. On their website you can find topicals, tinctures, beverages, edibles, smokables, delta-8 products, and even pet products. Save 40% on everything for 420 by using promo code “420FUN” from April 16th to April 21st.

4. 420 Science

420 sale 420 science
Save 15% when you spend $100 or more at 420 Science by using promo code “STONER420”.

specializes in offering only state-of-the-art, connoisseur-grade smoking accessories, pipes, rigs, and water pipes. Everything you’ll find here is American-made and designed with unique, intricate designs that look fantastic with every setup. Between the design and the functional, sturdy products they offer, they’ve quickly become one of the most trusted online head shops. Best of all, they’re also happy to rectify most situations, including damage to your items received during shipping. From now until May 1st, you can save 15% when you spend $100 or more by using promo code “STONER420”. Just keep in mind that this only works on items that aren’t already on sale, and it can’t be used with other offers.

5. Chameleon Glass 

chameleon glass 420 discount 2
Enjoy a 20% discount and free shipping on all orders on April 20.

Looking for something a little more heady than standard clear pipes, but don’t want to pay head shop prices? Check out Chameleon Glass. They offer some of the most unique designs on the market that are sure to turn heads when you whip them out for your 420 sesh. Here you can find everything from pipes to accessories, tools, and even water pipes, all designed beautifully and made with functional, sturdy glass. But if that isn’t enough to make you love them, you’ll be blown away by everything they’ve got going on for 4/20. For starters, a 20% discount and free shipping will be automatically applied at checkout with no need for a promo code on April 20.

However, From April 1st to April 20th, you can get all sorts of deals from Chameleon Glass:

  • Spend $25, get a free toker poker
  • Buy a pipe over $25, get a free Capsule Pouch.
  • Order a hand pipe over $50, get free shipping
  • Order a water pipe over $100, get free shipping
  • Spend $150, get the free.
  • Spend $200 or more, and earn a free entry into their Heady Glass Giveaway, in which 5 USA-made water pipes are up for grabs throughout April.
    • 1x winner of a ‘Laughing Devil’ water pipe selected on 4/8
    • 1x winner of a ‘Tiki Bar’ water pipe selected on 4/15
    • 1x winner of a ‘Deadpool’ water pipe selected on 4/20
    • 1x winner of a ‘Dinosaur’ water pipe selected on 4/20
    • 1x winner of a ‘Zombie’ water pipe selected on 4/20

6. Alpha 420

Alpha420 420 sale
Get 20% off all orders from Alpha420 from April 8th to April 20th.

You may have heard of , since we’re giving away two of their EdiOven infusers in this month’s giveaway. But there’s a lot to love about them regardless. They’re a company committed to helping you eat your greens — the fun kind. They offer a suite of products and accessories designed to help you make your own delicious edibles right from your kitchen without the odor or the extensive process. This year, they’re running a sale from April 8th to April 20th where you can get 20% off the entire website. The discount is automatically applied at checkout, so no need for a promo code.

7. Celebration Pipes

420 discount celebration pipes
Get $20 off any pipe with promo code “Celpipe420”

If you’ve never seen a , now is your chance to check them out. Each pipe is handcrafted with a 22k Gold bowl and Lavastoneware construction for a durable build, an even heat, and an easy cleanup. They’re truly designed to be the last bowl you ever buy, and they’re so beautiful they look like they belong in grandma’s good china cabinet. They’re the perfect addition to any connoisseur collection, so if you’ve had your eye on one, now’s your chance! For 4/20, Celebration Pipes is offering $20 off any pipe with promo code “Celpipe420”. You can cash in on the deal from April 1st to April 20th.

8. Sweetleaf Grinders 

420 discount sweetleaf grinders
All throughout the month of April, Sweetleaf Grinders are offering you the option to buy one, get one half price.

is The Original Grinder™, tried and true for decades. In fact, many customers proudly claim that they’ve been using Sweetleaf Grinder for 10+ years with no hiccups. For this reason, their patented design has taken home countless High Times Cannabis Cup awards for “Best product.” More importantly, each wooden or solid Aluminum grinder is made with food grade stainless steel pins that perfectly pull apart your stash for even smokable consistency. The heavy feel and durability is built to last. If you’re in the market for an upgrade from your $5 plastic grinder, check out Sweetleaf Grinders to celebrate your 4/20. From now until May 1st, you can buy one grinder and get a 2nd one for for your smoking buddy for 50% off. The coupon code will be automatically applied at checkout.

9. Doob Tubes 

Doob Tubes 420 discount
Stock up on Doob Tubes with 20% off over 4/20

are by far the best way to keep your pre-rolls safe when on the move. This patented design traps odors in and prevents moisture or oxygen from seeping through and damaging your stash. More importantly, the thick rigid plastic can stand up to drops and many other physical stresses.  It’s a perfect discreet option that tucks your stash away easily into a pocket, purse, or stash case for on-the-go seshes. They come in tons of different colors, feature a plethora of different sayings and can even be custom designed. For 420 they’re offering 20% off. Just use promo code 420sale at checkout from 4/18 to 4/20.



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