Solstice is a pretty rare strain that you can only find at a handful of dispensaries across the states. But those who have tried it will be happy to tell you just how worthwhile it is to give it a chance. This balanced hybrid packs a punch with THC between 20-25% and all the terps you can imagine. Get to know it up close and personal in our all encompassing Solstice strain review, which covers everything you need to know about its scent, flavor, effects, medical uses, lineage, appearance and potency levels.

Solstice: Background 

The Solstice weed strain is a 55/45 slightly indica-leaning hybrid made from a cross between Lowryder and Headband. While little is known about who the first breeder to propagate it was, it’s surged in popularity in every state (and small town dispensary) that it found its way into. With its balanced effects, it offers a one-two punch for both physical and mental relief and with its moderate THC levels of 15-20%, it’s an approachable strain for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

solstice weed
Solstice Weed Strain

It’s also insanely pretty in the greenhouse. Solstice is a tall plant with sparse, leafy tendrils. However, its flowers are noticeably indica-leaning. The colas on this plant are very densely packed, and each bud is like a dense piece of popcorn. Each dark green flower is covered in a heavy blanket of silver trichomes which contrast beautifully with its amber orange pistils.

Solstice scents, flavors and effects 

Looks and background aside, the most memorable thing about the Solstice strain is its damp and earthy aroma. While growing, these plants smell like pure skunk and a wet, earthy funk. However, as they mature they start releasing very bright and herbaceous notes that bring a little bit of fresh relief to the stink. Like most strains, Solstice is amazing while it’s growing. But it doesn’t disappoint when it’s dry, either. When you break open a dried nug of Solstice weed you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by a sharp, sour citrus scent which cuts through that dank earthiness like a hot knife through butter.

solstice marijuana
Solstice weed strain (close-up)

The flavor is equally impressive. On an inhale the first impression is that of herbs and spices. It’s extremely pungent and earthy, with a couple of tart, sour notes to offset the funk. The smoke itself is a lot more refreshing, with piney notes to help cut through some of those earthier notes. However, it is a bit thick and spicy, so unless you have lungs of steel, it’s going to make you cough. The exhale and aftertaste provides a lot of sweet relief, though. It leaves behind a tart citrusy flavor alongside notes of pine and a tiny tinge of sweet summer berry.

Like the headband strain, the effects of Solstice cannabis start in your head and right behind your eyes. You’re first met with a powerful cerebral rush that may give you a case of the giggles. It comes with a potent and blissful euphoria that will amplify feelings of happiness and squash down any feelings of stress or sadness. In higher doses, it might help with focus and creativity. However, after a few minutes, Solstice brings on a creeping body high that starts in your head before traveling down through your limbs and leaving you feeling tingly and relaxed.

Medicinal uses of the Solstice strain 

Between its physical and mental effects alongside a moderate THC level (15-20%), Solstice marijuana might be an excellent strain for medical patients seeking relief from a few different symptoms. The mental lift and euphoric bliss are excellent for attention deficit disorders as well as depression, stress, and PTSD. It’s physical effects are where Solstice really shines, though. Its tingly body buzz is great for dealing with pain and inflammation, headaches, nausea, and a lack of appetite. In high doses, it might be a helpful sleep aid, too.

solstice cannabis strain review
Solstice cannabis strain

At the end of the day, Solstice is a great choice if you’re in need of some deep physical relief in the afternoon or a positive mental lift during the day. Its balanced effects make it viable at pretty much any time of day, just take care to not overdo it — you might fall asleep. But all in all, if you want potency, a unique flavor profile, and a good mix of physical and mental effects, look no further than Solstice. Be sure to try some the next time it shows up on the shelves at your favorite dispensary.

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