If you’ve never used a honey bucket before, they’re a little different than everything else! A honey bucket dab nail isn’t quite a banger and it isn’t quite a nail, but its 100% quartz with a design that makes them perfect for protecting the joints on your rig from the heat stress involved with heating up a fixed banger or nail. That’s right folks, these things are in a league of their own and offer a supremely different (and superb) dabbing experience. Below we’re diving deeper into honey bucket bangers, how they work, and how you can take the perfect honey bucket dabs.

What is a honey bucket banger? 

You’ll know you’re looking at a honey bucket when you’re looking at a nail with a unique swinging arm that has a bucket on the end. They come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and fit most standard rig joints, but more importantly, they’re always made of quartz so that you can retain heat and clean it out easily. Since honey buckets have the arm, the nail part itself doesn’t really receive direct heat so they come in a ton of different and super heady designs that complement whatever type of dab station vibes you’re working with. People love them for their custom look, but they’re also great for protecting your rig from heat damage and for keeping the bucket on the end of the nail warm through your whole dab hit.

quartz honey bucket dab nail
Empire Glassworks Quartz Honey Bucket

A honey bucket nail works when you heat the bucket part on the swinging arm away from your rig. Once it hits the ideal temperature, you swing the bucket into the nail until it’s fit snuggly inside. Then you just throw your dab in, cap the top, and hit it like any other banger or nail. The smoke that gathers in the main nail chamber is then channeled into your rig for you to inhale and enjoy.

How to use a honey bucket 

Using a quartz honey bucket is a lot easier than you might think. It sounds like a lot of moving parts, but a lot of people seem to find them easier to use than other styles, like slurpers. However, one thing to consider is that honey buckets have a unique design, so they don’t work with standard carb caps. If you’re in the market, the good news is that most honey buckets come with one to match the design. Make sure you pick out a honey bucket with carb cap, or choose a carb cap compatible with the size of the honey bucket you try.

But with that out of the way, here’s a step by step guide to using a honey bucket

1. Heat the banger bucket on the fixed arm 

Once you place the honey bucket into the joint on your rig, you’ll take the arm and extend it so that the bucket is facing away from your rig. You’ll then use a torch and apply heat to the bucket on the arm until you find your perfect dabbing temperature with a laser thermometer. Don’t worry about heating up the chamber part, though. You’ll be applying the dab to the bucket itself.

2. Place the bucket into the chamber

After you’re good and warm, you’ll turn the arm the opposite direction until the bucket slides into the chamber. Make sure it fits snuggly inside, and begin preparing your dab.

3. Apply your dab 

Using a dab tool, drop your concentrate of choice into the bucket inside the chamber. Just keep in mind that this style of nail is not compatible with inserts or terp pearls.

4. Cap it 

The cap is the most important part of the whole process. Once your carb cap is on, it turns your honey bucket into a convection oven. The heat from the bucket will circulate within the chamber to allow for the banger to temporarily reheat itself while you hit your dab. So when it’s capped, you can start pulling in smoke and enjoy all of the flavors and least amount of waste out of your dabs.

5. Clean the bucket 

Like every other banger, it’s important to keep it hygienic. While the banger is still fit inside the chamber, you can hit it with a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Then twist the arm so you can wipe out any leftovers that may have splashed into the chamber itself. Try to do this after every session to protect your quartz and keep your dabs tasting their best.

At the end of the day, honey buckets are great for protecting your rig and for encouraging long-lasting, flavorful dabs. They also look great on pretty much any rig setup. Now that you know how to use one and what to look for, get out there and dab away!

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