There are a few big players in the world of rolling papers. Raw is a recent comer, but it’s definitely one of the biggest. With papers and a wide array of other implements, Raw generally makes for a great smoke.

Among the company’s best products are its three- or six-packs of cones. These empty, pre-rolled cigarettes are a fast and easy way to make the perfect joint. If your hand-rolled Js are lumpy and sloppy, this is the perfect method for you.


Raw uses some of the best papers on the market. They hold up well once they’re rolled, though they don’t always burn smoothly. Each of the cigarettes comes pre-rolled around a small funnel-shaped roach. The paper sticks out from the roach, forming a cone shape. You just fill that with marijuana, twist off the end, and toke away.

The Kit

Raw cones come in three- or six-packs, with no other accessories. You can find them at most head shops and tobacco outlets. They cost $2 or $3 per pack. At that rate, they’re more expensive than basic rolling papers and index cards, but make for a fat joint, and of course they’re easier to use. Which is the whole point.

The Verdict | Raw Rolling Papers ReviewRaw cones are among the best-made blanks you’ll find anywhere. If you’re not good at rolling a joint, if you have a hand tremor, if you’re just lazy – you should try this handy product. We give these cones a rating of four stars.

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