The hype around enails came and went pretty fast, because honestly, they have a lot of problems. It’s so much easier to just heat your nail with a torch so you never chaz your banger. Plus, who really wants to sacrifice a nice banger on an enail that’s going to cook your dabs on halfway through your hit?

That’s not to say that enails are worthless or anything, though. They definitely have a place in your dabbing ecosystem, especially when you’re trying to get a good dab between multiple heads pretty quickly. But for a lot of people, that’s just not worth damaging quartz or smoking out of titanium.

Luckily, our friends at Yo Dabba Dabba have been working hard at perfecting the enail design, and solving for a lot of those major pain points. They just dropped their flex enail kit, and were kind enough to send me one to test out. Needless to say, thanks to them, I respect enails again. I’m happy to say that their flex coil is here to stay— and it’s changing the game. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Flex Enail?

The Flex Enail is a good old fashioned e-nail control box with a major upgrade to the hardware and coil. Unlike traditional coils that are flimsy and end up getting stuck to one banger, the flex coil features a rigid arm and is positioned in such a way that you can remove your nail for easy hot swapping. Crafted from heat-resistant material, the neck of the Flex Coil can be molded into various positions— whether you heat from a tabletop or from a standing position.

flex enail review
Flex Enail from Yo Dabba Dabba

More or less, you can position the arm and the attached coil wherever you’d like, and you drop your banger inside the coil instead of attaching the coil to the banger. The coil will heat around your nail, and when it comes to the perfect temp, you can grab your nail by the joint and drop it in your rig for a quick and efficient dab.

This neat little detail makes it easy to heat multiple nails for multiple heads in the rotation back to back without getting stuck, and also helps prevent the nail from getting chazzed. Since you can remove the nail from the heat before you dab, you get that full vaporization— but the nail cools naturally throughout the hit, preventing all those residuals from getting baked onto your quartz.

The Flex Enail is a new product from the masterminds over at Yo Dabba Dabba. The kit comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box, including a male 14mm quartz banger with a 90° joint complete with a cyclone carb cap to get those terp pearls spinning. At $220, it’s a steal and comes with their enail control box and the flex coil in either 25mm or 30mm sizes. The good news is that if you already have a Yo Dabba Dabba enail control box but still want to upgrade your setup with the flex coil and start using an enail again, you can buy it separately for a cool $100.

How to use the Flex Enail 

Using the flex enail is a no-brainer, and comparable to using any other enail with a few key differences that make dabbing with an enail attractive again. Here’s how to get started:

Watch the stop motion tutorial, of view the step by step instructions below.


Step 1: Get your materials 

Flex Enail

Obviously before getting everything rolling, you need your equipment. Your rig should be clean and prepped, and your concentrates, dab tool, and carb cap should be handy. You’ll also want those cotton swabs and iso ready to go post-dab.

Step 2: Set everything up

flex enail set everything up

Begin by attaching the Flex Coil to the control box and plugging the control box into an electrical outlet. Position your dab rig on a stable surface where you’ll be dabbing from. Then just manipulate the flexible neck of the Flex Coil until it’s positioned in a way that facilitates easy access to your banger.

Step 3: Set your temperature

flex enail set temperature

Switch on the Flex Coil Enail using the power switch. Once activated, the display lights will illuminate. Set your desired temperature using the controls on the control box. For optimal low-temperature dabs, a range between 500°F and 650°F is recommended.

Step 4: Drop your banger into the coil 

flex coil enail drop banger into coil

Unlike traditional setups, where the coil is attached directly to the banger, the Flex Coil allows you to slide your banger into the coil without it getting stuck. Position your banger securely within the coil. You can add terp pearls now. Then just position the joint of your banger somewhere it’ll be easy to grab it when it hits the right temp.

Step 5: Drop the preheated nail into your rig 

flex coil enail drop nail into rig

The control box is measuring the temperature of the coil– not the nail. It helps to use a timer or have a laser thermometer ready to go to keep an eye on the temperature of the nail itself. After about 30-45 seconds, it’s ready to go. Once heated, carefully remove the banger from the coil by gripping its joint, which should remain cool. Then just drop it in your dab rig. Once your banger is out of the way, you’re immediately ready to heat up a different banger for the next person in rotation. But you should focus on you. Get your dab and let your friends worry about themselves.

Step 6: Sip it

flex enail take hit

Using your dab tool, apply your dab into the preheated banger. Place the carb cap over the banger to regulate airflow and enhance vaporization, and enjoy.

Step 7: Clean and Maintain

After you finish, you always want to clean your nail to maintain its performance and prolong its lifespan. Since the banger is detachable from the coil, it will naturally cool down, reducing the risk of chazzing. Once cooled, use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to clean any residue from the banger before you reheat it with the flex enail.

Our Takeaways: How does the flex enail compare to standard versions?

The flex enail is a major cut above most of the other enails out there. For starters, that flex coil is revolutionary, and solves all of the major pain points that come along with traditional enail setups, like being limited to one nail, taking forever to heat up, cool down, clean, and reheat the same nail for back-to-back dabs, and of course, chazzing.

Unlike standard e-nails, the Flex Coil’s adjustable neck allows for effortless customization, accommodating lots of setups, nails, and people all at once. While most enails do offer temperature control and regulation, the flex enail prevents you from ruining your quartz since the nail never gets fixed to the coil. By detaching the banger from the heat source when you take your hit, it minimizes residue buildup and simplifies cleaning, meaning cleaner dabs. Those residuals never get cooked on, and your quartz lasts longer.

Ultimately though it shines in a group setting. Everyone can heat and hot swap their dabs with very little downtime in between. I’m talking 30-45 seconds max, ensuring everyone in rotation gets a dab within the same five minute window. It’s also more hygienic. Multiple people with multiple rigs and multiple nails can all enjoy dabbing in a group sesh without swapping spit.

The only possible downside is a minor one. The flex Coil will only work with other Yo Dabba Dabba control boxes. However, these boxes perform and you won’t need a replacement any time soon, so its ultimately a worthy investment. The flex enail kit also comes with a fresh banger and carb cap, so it’s a great bang for your buck.

Overall, the Flex Coil Enail is one of the best enail designs I’ve ever seen and I’m happy to add it to my collection. Between its unparalleled convenience, versatility, price, and performance, I’m glad to say I believe in enails again. It’s refreshing to finally see an enail that won’t just completely wreck your banger— replacing those on their own will pay for the flex enail on its own after some time. All that said, whether you’re dabbing solo or sharing the experience with friends, the Flex Enail is the perfect addition to your setup.

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