Platinum Silver is a lesser-known strain, but it’s quickly catching fire in popularity all over the country. Best known for its woody, citrusy flavor profile and its sharp earthy aroma, the Platinum Silver weed strain is sure to please even the pickiest of palates. This hybrid checks in around 17-22% THC and offers a good mix of physical and mental effects that make it one of the top choices between medical patients and recreational users alike. Get to know the Platinum Silver strain and learn about its scent, flavor, effects, medical uses, lineage, appearance and potency levels in our all-encompassing Platinum Silver strain review.

Platinum Silver: Background 

Platinum Silver cannabis comes from mostly undisclosed origins. While the original breeder is unknown, the strain is thought to be a cross between Super Silver Haze and Platinum Cookies. The strain is easily identifiable by its rounded fluffy structure and coloration, ranging from dark green to light yellow. Platinum Silver throws bright red pistils and comes compete with a silvery white sheen on the trichomes, similar to Super Silver Haze.

platinum silver cannabis
Platinum Silver

Platinum Silver gets the best of both worlds from its parents, including a good mix of indica and sativa effects, earthy flavors, and a moderate THC level between 17-22%, making it ideal for managing medical symptoms as well as enjoying during the day and at night.

Platinum Silver Scents, Flavors and Effects

Platinum Silver weed is well known for its unique scents and flavors. While growing, Platinum Silver plants stink up an entire flower room with sharp, fuel-tinged citrus notes alongside an earthy herbaceousness. As the flowers dry, the earthy tones become more prevalent and the citrusy scents fade away. That is, until you grind them up. Ground Platinum Silver smells really dank and earthy, with sharp sour citrus notes that linger long after the joint is rolled or the bowl is packed.

The flavor is pretty similar, though the level of complexity ranges depending on the harvest. On the first inhale, you’re met with a very fresh herbaceous flavor that is soon masked by a rich, wet, earthiness, similar to wood. The smoke itself is on the thicker side thanks to all the b-Caryophyllene terps, which give it a peppery, spicy feel that is sure to make you cough. However, there is a bit of saving grace on the exhale. Breathing that peppery smoke out brings forward a sweet and sour citrus flavor alongside a warm, vanilla-tinged flavor common of many cookies strains.

platinum silver weed
Platinum Silver

The effects kick in immediately, starting first in the back of your eyes and slowly creeping down your body to leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed. However, the cerebral high takes hold with a vice grip, leaving you feeling motivated, uplifted, euphoric, and in some cases, creative. More importantly, Platinum Silver marijuana is never overbearing. While it offers a great mix of effects, the overall balancing act the strain strikes is perfect for pretty much any time of day without inhibiting you from getting things done or unwinding at the end of a long day.

Medicinal Uses of the Platinum Silver Strain

Since Platinum Silver offers a great mix of effects, moderate potency levels (17-22%), and nourishing terpenes like b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene, it makes a great choice for relief from a number of symptoms. On the mental side, Platinum Silver is great for stress and depression thanks to its potent mental lift. It may help with fatigue, the inability to focus, or a lack of motivation. On the other hand, its physical effects are really good too. You can count on Platinum Sliver for relief from minor aches and pains, headaches, nausea, a lack of appetite, and in high enough doses— insomnia.

At the end of the day, Platinum Silver is the perfect strain for any time of day, regardless of what you’ve got going on. If you’re in need of a mental lift or just looking for a way to feel your best physically as you go about your business, you can count on Platinum Silver to help you cover your bases. No matter the time of the day or the activities you have planned, you can enjoy them symptom free with the potency, effects, and delicious flavors known from the platinum silver strain. Be sure to give it a try the next time you see it at your favorite dispensary.

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