The latest news involving the innovative cannabis industry involves the introduction of cannabis-infused spirits, barring the alcohol. Introducing MXXN, pronounced like “moon”. MXXN is a non-alcoholic cannabis-infused spirits brand that recently launched their first line of cannabis spirits.

Founded by a veteran in the spirits industry, MXXN wants to change the face of the at-home bar and cocktail culture with the introduction of non-alcoholic spirits infused with cannabis. The idea comes from some shocking data taken over the last few years that shows that consumers have drastically cut back on alcohol. Throughout the pandemic, lack of social pressure to drink is down and the drive for a healthier lifestyle is up.

Among Gen Z, alcohol use is 20% lower than millenials at their age. Meanwhile, 64% of Gen Z is expected to lower their consumption of alcohol as they get older. Further, non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverage sales rose 30% in 2020 and are projected to grow 31% by 2024.

On the other hand, the cannabis industry is always exploding. The cannabis-infused beverage market itself grew from $67 million in 2019 to $85 million in 2020. It’s projected to continue climbing by 20% throughout 2021. The old cocktail culture doesn’t really resonate with the current times, according to these consumer habits.

With all this data in mind, MXXN’s Darnell Smith hopes to provide an alternative to alcohol. After spending over 15 years with the top global spirits brands, including Diageo, Pernod-Ricard and Bacardi in product innovation, he aims to attract new-to-cannabis users looking for alcohol alternatives with sessionable, social spirits containing low-doses of THC. MXXN’s new product line offers a happy medium between cannabis and alcohol. You still get the flavors of your favorite spirits and the relaxing effects without the hangover or the calories.

MXXN just entered the space earlier this month, announcing the launch of three new products: London Dry, Jalisco Agave, and Kentucky Oak. Each one is made by blending distilled essences and extracts to create the same, bold flavors you’d expect from spirits. They’re non-alcoholic and contain low-doses of THC that kick in within 15-30 minutes. These are the very first 1:1 non-alcoholic replacements for gin, tequila, and bourbon.

mxxn spirits

MXXN’s London Dry is a gin replacement that offers complex notes of black pepper, coriander, lemon, rose and hints of melon and cucumber. The Jalisco Agave is a spicy tequila replacement with fresh notes of green agave and lime zest. It has a sweet floral honey body and a tingling burn finish. The Kentucky Oak is an oak-barrel aged whisky replacement with notes of oak, vanilla, caramel and maple, offering that familiar burn on the finish.

“Over the course of my 15 years in the alcohol space, specifically in the innovation realm, I noticed an opportunity for a new kind of beverage product that connects two industries — cannabis and alcohol — and evolves how we enjoy cocktails for an entirely new set of experiences,” said Smith, founder and CEO of MXXN. “We are extremely proud of the quality and taste of our spirits that allow our customers to enjoy their favorite cocktails sans the alcohol but with a similar relaxation effect thanks to our preferred ingredient — cannabis. We’re thrilled to bring to market the first cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic spirit that’s an exact replacement for consumers’ favorite spirit.”

MXXN spirits (and recipes) are now available for delivery and at a handful of dispensaries in California. They will be sold in 750mL bottles containing 100mg of THC. A standard shot, or 1.5oz, contains 6mg of THC per serving. However, there’s an option to microdose with 0.5oz and 2mg THC. A bottle will run you $80, but a portion of the proceeds will benefit organizations working to pass federal reforms to repair the disproportionate harm faced by low-income, Black and Latinx communities during cannabis prohibition.

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