When it comes to the best concentrate brands, only a handful of them make the cut. There are so many different options out there from craft brands, OGs, and small-batch processors, but at the end of the day, only six brands continue to bring us the best cannabis concentrates on the market. Below is a list of the best dab brands and the best extract brands the world has ever seen. You’ll also find some clutch info about each one and where to find them if you’re on the hunt for that good good. 

1. Grow Sciences 

Best Dab Brands

Grow Sciences is headquartered here in Phoenix and focuses on cultivating elite genetics that make for superior concentrates. They stick closely to the “would you buy that eighth?” mantra, which extends to the care and quality of every product they grow and make, including concentrates. They only make products they themselves would want to smoke, and they’re a picky bunch. Since the care of their flower is at the heart of everything they do, Grow Sciences only makes solventless concentrates like live rosin and full-melt hash. Since their flower itself is incredibly fragrant, flavorful and effective, they make some of the best cannabis concentrates we’ve ever seen. 

Where to find Grow Sciences: Arizona
Best for: Solventless stans who prefer unmatched flavor profiles and better highs 

2. AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) 

Best Extract Brands

AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) is on this list as one of the best extract brands. They’re an OG in the concentrate game, but their extracts have made it into a ton of other products, including their line of gummies, tinctures, soft gels, beverages and vape cartridges. ABX sources the flower they make into their extracts from farms in California, ensuring a sun-grown product grown by master cultivators. The concentrates are made in state-of-the art facilities and tested three times throughout the process to ensure the highest quality product. We love their strain-specific live pods, full-spectrum live resin, and their high potent live resin vape carts. 

Where to find ABX: California
Best for: Those looking for a solid, tried-and-true product line with good flavors, lots of strains, and fair prices. 

3. Viola Extracts 

Best Concentrate Brands

Viola is easily the best concentrate brand on this list because of its involvement in the community along with its incredibly fragrant and flavorful concentrates. While they sell their own flower and pre-rolls in some states, the crown jewel of their service is their perfected BHO concentrate line, including loads of live resin and THC diamonds. While their quality is unmatched, Viola is a community player involved in giving back to the community and helping create social equity. The company is focusing on empowering minority ownership by creating a coalition of minority investors who own and operate Viola.

Where to find Viola: California, Colorado, Washington and Michigan
Best for: OGs, terp heads, and flavor fanatics who love supporting social equity in the cannabis industry.

4. Nature’s Medicines 

Dab Brands

Nature’s Medicines takes a natural approach to their entire product line. Their science-first approach and commitment to quality shines through in everything from smokables and edibles to concentrates and vape cartridges. They believe in the power of cannabis medicine and ensure their products meet the most stringent industry standards through 3rd party testing and high standards for safety, purity, potency and quality. Their Reefer Gladness sodas are excellent, but we’re most impressed by their Nature’s Everyday live resin carts, waxes and shatters. 

Where to find Nature’s Medicines: Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan and Missouri
Best for: Health-first medical patients looking for a long-standing reputable brand 

5. MediPharm Labs 

Concentrate Brands

MediPharm Labs is an international cannabis concentrate company. It got its start in Canada producing bulk and wholesale cannabis extracts that other companies could whitelabel and sell as their own. While they mass produce cannabis extracts and sell them overseas, they still make it onto this list because their concentrates are pretty good and they’re one of the largest companies in the world making cannabis concentrates. 

Where to find MediPharm Labs: Canada & Australia
Best for: Medicating abroad with safe, tested products made in state-of-the-art labs 

6. Dank Czar 

Extract Brands

Dank Czar got their start in the medical cannabis industry out in Washington state. Their beliefs have always been rooted in quality and in medicine, which is why they’re still known to this day as one of the best flower producers in the state. You can’t make good concentrates with inferior buds, and nothing Dank Czar makes is disappointing. They’ve taken home 10 different awards for their quality product line, including best concentrate several times over for their Ghost Train Haze. Dank Czar is one of the best dab brands on this list since they make everything from solventless to BHO to vape cartridges to edibles and it’s all flavorful, fragrant and effective. 

Where to find Dank Czar: Washington
Best for: Connoisseurs with a taste for the finer things in life and lots of variety 


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