Ever wonder where the popular “moonrocks” and “caviar” flowers come from? They all started with LA-based Caviar Gold. Here’s our detailed review of their products, outlining everything you need to know about the company, the products, the strains, the effects and medical uses of caviar, and the flavors and scents you can expect to enjoy when you try some for yourself.

Who is Caviar Gold?

Caviar Gold are an LA-based processing and extraction company that created a patent-pending product out of cannabis flowers, distillate hash oil and kief known as “caviar” or “moonrocks”. They are best known for their exclusive partnership with Jay & Silent Bob’s cannabis line as well as their partnership with Ice Wata Genetics, and have made their way into dispensaries all over Vegas, Oklahoma and California. They are credited as the first to make caviar and have taken caviar flower and rolled them into joints and cones as well.

Caviar Gold Review

Some of the strains they’re running this year include:

  • Original Gangsta
  • King Cavi OG
  • Strong Berry
  • Bubble Gold
  • Vanilla Bliss
  • Grape Jelly
  • Apple Drip
  • Rad Berry
  • Lost Larry
  • Misty OG
  • A handful of Jay & Silent Bob strains
  • A handful of Ice Wata Genetics strains

What products does Caviar Gold make? 

As processors, Caviar Gold specializes in cannabis flower and THC distillate. From these two products, they offer a variety of options to try, including:

  • Caviar Gold: The original caviar made from flowers dipped in 92% THC distillate and then rolled in kief.
  • Caviar Silver: Caviar minus the distillate. The flower is grown outdoors and dusted with same-strain kief.
  • Terp Bud: Terp bud offers a less intense effect. The flower is infused with same-strain terpenes to improve flavor and aroma with no added THC.
  • Moonrocks: Moonrocks are infused like the Caviar Gold. However, they are branded to represent Jay & Silent Bob’s product line and come in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties versus strain-specific varieties like the caviar gold.
  • Cavi Cones: Joints made with caviar. They take the infused flowers and roll them up. Then they dip into liquid THC distillate and then roll it in kief.
  • Ice Wata cones: In partnership with Ice Wata genetics, these joints are much like the caviar cones except they’re made with Ice Wata flower. They test in around 43% THC.
  • Lil Cavis: Lil Cavis are just like the Cavi Cones but in a smaller size. They also come with a special holder to protect your hands and lips as you smoke it.

Appearance, scents and flavors of Caviar Gold’s caviar 

Caviar looks just as potent as you would imagine. They start by selecting the biggest, densest cannabis flowers to consider for the process. Once they have enough for a batch, they’ll take the flowers and dip them in the liquidy 92% pure THC distillate. After that, the whole thing is tossed in kief while it’s still sticky to get the maximum coverage of kief on each flower. The final product is a feast for the eyes. While the flower and most of the oil is covered completely by the kief, you get a ton of stunning colors from the kief alone. Much of it ranges in shades of light and dark green, though some turn out with a purple or silvery sheen.

Moonrocks Product Review

They smell as potent as they look, too. The scents include a dank aroma of natural terpenes, ranging from fruity to skunky with a plethora of other aromas in between, including citrus, fuel, pine and spice. Most of the scent impression comes from the kief, which is mechanically separated from the less-attractive flowers via a grinder. Each caviar flower is made using the kief from the same strain, so whatever you smell out of the kief will be very similar to how the flower itself will taste.

The flavors also range depending on the strains used to make the caviar. If you take a good long whiff of the caviar while it’s in the jar, you’ll find a good indication of what you’ll taste when you smoke it. When caviar is burned, however, it almost always has very thick, pungent smoke that is guaranteed to make you cough, intensifying the effects of the THC and other cannabinoids.

Effects and medical uses of Caviar Gold’s caviar 

Caviar checks in around 35-45% THC on average. This level of potency paired with a variety of cannabis products and distillate make it a very powerful product. The effects take hold almost instantly, leaving you feeling more relaxed in the body and mentally stoned. Caviar makes a great choice to pass around at a party as it can provide powerful effects in just a puff or two. Depending on the variety you choose, you can feel more relaxed, sedated and euphoric (in the case of indicas) or more energized, uplifted, and talkative (in the case of sativas). Hybrids can offer a mix of these effects. All in all, there’s a variety of caviar out there for just about everyone.

Caviar Gold Product Review

With these effects in mind, caviar is a great option for patients who need an extra heavy dose of THC to help manage their symptoms. Many patients struggling with insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, headaches, or a lack of appetite have experienced great success with caviar and similarly infused products. At the same time, sativa-dominant caviar strains make it possible to chase away sour moods with ease while battling symptoms of fatigue, depression and lack of motivation. Just keep in mind that many Caviar Gold products are made for seasoned veteran medical patients. The THC content can lead to anxiety in many newbies.

Where to find Caviar Gold products 

Caviar Gold caviar, caviar cones, lil cavis, and kief/terpene infused buds can be found in recreational markets all over the country, including California, Oklahoma and Las Vegas, NV. You can check out their website to find specific locations, or check out menu sites like Weedmaps or Leafly to help you find some near you. Wherever you acquire your Caviar Gold products, you’ll still be enjoying top quality, uber-dank products at affordable prices.

If you’ve tried them, what did you think?  Let us know in the comments.


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