New Year’s Eve has come and gone. It’s 2015 now. Welcome to a whole different year, and get ready to fail those resolutions.

OK, yes, most people never come close to meeting their lofty New Year’s goals. These are really just little lies we tell ourselves to ease the passing of time.

Still, why not? If a resolution actually does spur you to action, that’s only a good thing, right? Better to try to lose weight and fail than to never try. In that spirit, here are a few good stoner resolutions for the new year.

Live Dangerously

Marijuana Arrest

Each year passes, safer and more boring than the last. Wouldn’t you like to do something different, maybe start off 2015 with a bang?

Maybe you spark up in a police station. Or maybe it’s during a packed city council meeting or on the steps of Congress. Or maybe you figure out a way to ingest pot while diving from an airplane. Whatever it is, make yourself a promise to do something risky this year.

Life is too short not to take a leap every now and then. Stoners, maybe more than other people, can get stuck in a rut. Nothing encourages sloths like comfort, and marijuana is all about comfort. So this year, be a little brave and put something on the line.


Share More Weed

Marijuana Ziplock Bag

‘Twas the season of giving, so here’s hoping you shared you zips with other good stoners during the holidays. Better yet, let’s make a New Year’s resolution out of it and promise to spread the love all year round.

Stoner life is all about sharing. Smoking up, in itself, is an experience shared among millions of potheads around the world. We need each other; we’re an interdependent community. Many of us are loners swimming against the current, but even that is a shared experience.

So make it a habit this year to let your friends dip into your supply a little. Hell, maybe even carry alcohol wipes so you can share your pipe with anyone, no matter how germaphobic you are.


Be Kinder

Helping Hand

Many people turn to weed not for recreation but as a medication that greatly improves their quality of life. These patients deserve our kindness, our sympathy, and our understanding.

We should also try to help them when we can. Don’t turn away from a friend or acquaintance who needs medical marijuana. Instead, help him or her find it. You could even look into working as a delivery person on a limited salary – a way to give back by helping those in need.


Learn New Things

Medical Cannabis Edibles

After a while, even a pile of freshly ground weed can start to look boring. That’s when it’s time to try something new.

Edibles are a great place to start. These THC-infused foods should be easy to buy if you live in a state with legal weed, and easy to make if you don’t. They’re a little more complicated to use, but you’ll quickly figure it out.

You could even try to make hash oil. We don’t recommend doing this with anything other than Everclear. Avoid the popular butane extraction method unless you really know what you’re doing (you probably don’t).

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your choice, find a way to spread your wings. Become the stoner you were meant to be.


Smoke More Pot

Marijuana Joint

This is undoubtedly the most common resolution uttered by stoners around the globe. Because hey, you could be higher.

That’s one of the many great things about pot: You can overindulge and things will (usually) turn out just fine. No OD will kill you. The worst you’re apt to experience is a panic attack or disabling bout of paranoia. But there will be no heart attacks or sudden deaths.

Weed makes the world a better place. Why not help make the world an even better place by toking more?


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