Ready to kick the New Year off with a bang? Whether you’re a cannabis aficionado or a cannabis superfan, these five new year’s resolutions for stoners are easy, attainable, and worth a shot if you’re looking to expand your horizons and try something new in the New Year.

1. Try new strains 

Sheesh, pretty simple and straightforward right out the gate, right? Well, there’s a reason for that. A lot of New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first week of making them. But when you set the bar nice and low for yourself, you have nowhere to go but up. With that said, get out there and try some new strains. That’s super easy, and fun and rewarding too. If you want to become a cannabis sommelier, try a new strain every week and keep a journal to document your experiences. At the end of the year, you’ll have tried 52 new strains and you’ll have something tangible to look back on fondly.

2. Take a tolerance break 

If bettering yourself is part of your New Year’s resolutions this year, you can start by taking a tolerance break. No, that doesn’t mean giving up weed forever — why would it? It simply means that you’ll better yourself by giving yourself the chance to get first-time-I-ever-smoked-weed high again. To take a tolerance break, all you need to do is stop smoking weed anywhere from three days to two weeks. The longer you go, the more time you’ll have to purge yourself of THC so you can get higher in the new year. If not enjoying THC is out of the question, you can always switch your consumption method. If you only smoke, try eating edibles for a week. When you get back to smoking, it’ll feel much better than it did before your t-break.

3. Try dabbing or vaping for a cleaner high 

If you’re pushing yourself to be healthier in the New Year, you can always cut back on those edibles. Edibles are awesome, but they contain all kinds of extra fat and sugar that can be a bit counterproductive to your healthy year resolution. It’s also important to consider that smoking is physically not that great for your lungs. Sure, it’s not cigarettes, but weed is still full of resins and other plant materials that can gum up your works. If the goal is to be healthy, switch to a safer consumption method, like dabbing or vaping. You can vaporize both concentrates and flower, and it typically leads to a cleaner feeling high without all that extra potentially harmful stuff.

4. Learn to make edibles 

Everyone can benefit from trying something new in the New Year. If you’re looking to refine your culinary skills and pick up some new recipes, you should take a gamble and play the edible game. Making your own edibles, such as weed infused brownies or cookies, can save you a lot of money on store bought edibles and also give you something mellow and fun to practice throughout the year. You can infuse THC to pretty much anything, including salad dressings, barbeque sauces, baked goodies, and entire meals. If you like to eat and you like to get high, playing with edibles is really a no-brainer. Invest in the Magical Butter machine, or at the very least, use their edible dosage calculator to practice science, math and the culinary arts. Learning to make your own edibles can transform you into an evolved stoner by giving that brain a workout.

5. Grow your own weed 

If your consumption levels are off the charts or you’re just looking for a relaxing new hobby to explore in the New Year, try your hand at growing your own weed. You’ll eventually be able to stop buying weed altogether if you’re successful, but more importantly, you’ll have complete control over your final product. You’ll know where it came from and how it was grown, so it’ll be safer and healthier, too. Luckily, the cost of growing your own weed continues to go down as more and more people take it up as a hobby. With proper lighting, soil and food, you can even grow in a closet in your apartment. We’ve done all of the growing research you’ll ever need too, so first be sure to check out our indoor grow guide first.

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