You might have heard the phrase “tolerance break” when someone is hitting the pause button on their cannabis intake. There may be a number of reasons for this, but the general idea is pretty simple: Taking a break from cannabis to flush the body of cannabinoids. Everyone’s body chemistry is a little different, so while you might take a break because you feel like you’re smoking too much, it might just be that your system has become resistant to the effects and a break will help to reset it.

What is a cannabis tolerance break?

A cannabis tolerance break is just quitting smoking weed for a while. Or really any partaking, as edibles will affect your endocannabinoid system as well. Tolerance breaks might be initiated for many reasons, but the end result is the same: Clearing your body of cannabinoids, especially THC. Some call it a t-break, but it’s all just about stepping back for a bit as opposed to quitting forever. This could take some willpower, but you’ll be that much prouder of yourself when you pull it off. And remember, it is temporary. Otherwise it’s just called quitting.

What are the benefits of a weed tolerance break?

The obvious reason comes from the term “tolerance,” as it’s possible to develop a tolerance to the effects of cannabis. It’s a bit like alcohol, as someone who rarely drinks will get drunk faster than someone who drinks regularly. However, tolerance breaks can also be an effective way to save money!

Then there are the legal and occupational aspects of a break, including mandatory drug tests for job applications, or sentencing and parole guidelines that may prevent someone from partaking for a bit. If you need to flush your system of THC and its metabolites, plan on a few weeks, at least.


Psychologically, there’s the feeling that you’re smoking too much, or too often, and just need a break for a bit. Although weed isn’t really physically addictive, the habit can, well, be a habit, and sometimes people just want to break a habit for their own reasons. No matter what, it’s something that each person will have to choose on their own.

How to take a tolerance break from cannabis

Since tolerance breaks are such a personal decision, all you really need to do is decide when and how long you want to stop partaking. Of course, like a restrictive diet, you have to fully stop all cannabis consumption. No edibles, concentrates, or flower. This can be difficult, of course, but keep the end goal in mind and consider a trick popularized by Jerry Seinfeld when he wanted to instill a new habit or break a bad one: Get a calendar and mark a big X through every day that you progress. That could be a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. You do you, but do your best to stick with whatever time frame you set your mind to.

Break’s over, now what?

Congratulations! You’re probably feeling more clear-headed, and you can now experience weed on a “new” level because your system is flushed out. Lower THC concentrations will hit harder, and higher ones may knock you out. The benefits of abstaining from many substances result in powerful shifts. Whether its caffeine, sugar, or weed, tolerance breaks are a healthy part of managing one’s health. You may take the break for other reasons, of course, but any t-break you successfully achieve is worth celebrating.


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