A winner every week?! That’s right, friends! We’re kicking off 2022 with a giveaway that will streamline your smoke sessions for years to come. Each week in January, a winner will be selected to receive a Premium Edition Flower Mill Grinder ($99.99). 

Why reinvent the wheel when you can revolutionize it. is changing the way that people roll up their weed with an innovative take on a classic accessory that every stoner uses daily: a grinder.

The creators behind Flower Mill are engineers with years of experience in high-end auto mechanics. A traditional grinder brought into their machine shop inspired some exploration that resulted in a design superior to any traditional grinder on the market.

As we all know, traditional weed grinders have sharp teeth that shred flower. But, the designers behind Flower Mill filed the teeth to a smooth shark fin that was ultimately flattened to mill, instead of grind, flower where it wants to naturally break apart. This makes for a super-light and fluffy end result that burns longer and better.

“You don’t even have to pick off the stems,” Brent Stevens, Flower Mill partner adds. “You can place the whole bud in there and the stem will be left on top.”

Another stand-out feature is the decision to remove the catch and sell Flower Mills as 3-piece machines. “Back in the day people actually used kief catchers for hash, but there are so many concentrates out now that that’s a thing of the past,” Brent explains. “It’s not logical to save that stuff for a rainy day. So, we removed the catch to create more space in the chamber for a giant bud.”

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Both the ($74.99) and ($99.99) feature the same revolutionary rotor design, with the standard made from aluminum and the premium made from stainless steel. This offers a more affordable option without sacrificing the quality of design.

Flower Mill Grinder
4x premium Flower Mill Grinders (worth $100 each) can be won throughout the month of January.

Flower Mill also offers a bunch of thoughtful accessories to further improve the user experience. The , compatible with the premium edition, lets you define your grind with screens that range from coarse to fine. So, you can completely customize your mill based on what you’re using it for – whether that be in a vape, blunt, joint, bowl, or one-hitter. And, if you prefer the kief screen, you can buy a catch screen that easily screws into either model.

If you have any reservations about spending $100 on a grinder, rethink it. Flower Mills are in for the long haul, with a high-quality design that is built to last. This isn’t your average grinder that is going to stick and catch after a few uses, so why spend $10 or $20 every year when one purchase can pay for itself in that time. The difference in design will enhance your sessions every day, reduce your flower use, keep your joints and blunts ashing evenly, and make vaping fresh flower a more enjoyable experience than you could ever imagine. Stoners, it’s time to get back to the lost art of herb. Flower Mill is here for it.

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