If you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for new glass that looks good and works well. This week, we’re talking about one of our favorite brands, Terp Tube, and their latest new product — Ash catchers. Here’s everything you need to know about the Terp Tube ash catcher line in this all-encompassing product review.

What we love about Terp Tube 

Terp Tube is a special brand. They’re an up-and-comer in the scene, but they’ve brought products to market that put bigger names to shame. Their current line includes high-quality borosilicate glass and quartz water pipes, dab rigs, reclaimers, kits, and now ash catchers. As far as brands go, we’ve come to know and love Terp Tube pretty intimately. Their products are designed to provide some of the best-tasting hits with their sleek, sexy designs that function better than practically every water pipe in their affordable price range. Further, you can’t beat their customer service and their dedication to the user experience through thoughtful design.

Introducing the Terp Tube Ash Catchers 

The Terp Tube brand is known for its line of rigs, kits, and water pipes, but they recently dropped the latest addition to their fleet: ash catchers. Ash catchers are used with water pipes to help catch scooby snacks to keep the pipes themselves cleaner, though they also come with percolators that help cool and filter smoke for a smoother smoking experience.

Terp Tube Ashcatchers
Terp Tube Ash Catcher

Terp Tube ash catchers work with both straight and angled joints, though they can also be used with adaptors to fit practically any water pipe. The ash catcher attaches to the joint of a water pipe and has a bowl slide joint at the top for your bowl head. Terp Tube ash catchers are outfitted with male joints to fit pipes with 14mm F, 14mm F (45°), and 19mm F joints. The bowl slide joint is a female joint in the same size for your convenience. We love them because they’re made with thick borosilicate glass and keep a low profile, so they’re sturdier than most even at the joints where attachments like these tend to be more fragile. We also love how interchangeable they are. They come in different sizes to fit most water pipes and come with two different percolator designs, as well as a bowl slide.

Two different styles to choose from 

While the ash catcher design is pretty straightforward, Terp Tube offers two different percolator styles to suit your personal preferences. They look great attached to any water pipe or dab rig and help diffuse smoke for extra filtration and cleanliness. The first style is a Matrix percolator, which features a 360° mesh ring at the bottom of a tube and helps diffuse smoke into tiny filtered bubbles. It’s easy to pull and makes a world of difference to your smoke sesh.

ash catcher review

The other style is a Tree percolator that looks like — you guessed it — a tree. Inside is the main stem and several branches with slits at the bottom that bubble water and smoke up. It requires a slightly harder pull, but it provides some of the most clean-tasting smoke you can find in an ash catcher. Both styles are available for angled joints, adaptors, and straight joints in several different sizes for use with all of your favorite glass.

Terp Tube Ashcatcher Styles

Terp Tubes Ash Catcher Review: Final Thoughts 

Terp Tube makes an ash catcher that is just as sturdy and thoughtfully designed as the rest of their line of incredible water pipes, dab rigs, kits, and reclaimers. They make a fantastic addition to any water pipe or rig for a lot of reasons, which we’ve outlined below for your convenience.

  • Sturdy design safer for the accident-prone
  • Two different percolator styles, both deliver excellent filtration and optimal suction
  • Can be used with angled joints, adapters, and straight joints.
  • Comes in a ton of sizes and can be used with multiple pipes or bowl slides
  • Keeps your glass cleaner for longer
  • Easy to clean and change the water
  • Works with 14 F 45°, 14 F, and 19 F water pipes and adapters
  • Comes with a bowl slide
  • Retails at $30
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