Blunts are one of the most popular party favors out there. In any 420-friendly social setting, you can expect to see a few blunts in rotation. But rolling a blunt isn’t an easy feat, especially for beginners. Either way, it’s always worth a try. If you want to roll a blunt that gets compliments, here’s everything you need to know about how to roll a blunt.

What is a blunt? 

A blunt is a type of rolled cannabis that utilizes a wrap made out of tobacco. While they’re similar to joints, they’re bigger and last a lot longer, but they’re also rolled with different papers called wraps. Blunts are made by taking a wrap, such as a cigarillo or a cigar, and removing all of the tobacco inside. The wrap is then refilled with cannabis and sealed for smoking. Most blunt wraps are made from tobacco cigarillos, which adds a nicotine buzz to your high. However, there are many types of blunt wraps out there, including ones made with tea leaves and hemp, in case nicotine and cannabis don’t mix well for you. They’re a great choice for social cannabis experiences and can make their way around a rotation several times over.

rolling blunt guide

What do you need to roll a blunt? 

Blunts utilize a few necessary ingredients, just like rolling joints does. Since blunts are bigger than joints, you’ll need more weed to fill them up. You’ll use anywhere from 1.5-2g per blunt, though if you’re using an extra large wrap, you’re going to need more. The more people in your smoking circle, the more weed you should have on hand.

Aside from that, you’re going to need wraps, grinders, a rolling tray, and a sharp object to cut your blunt open. Here’s a breakdown on what to look for.

  • Cannabis: Grab anywhere from 1.5 – 3.5 grams of bud. Choose your favorite cannabis strain. Keep in mind, if nicotine makes you racy, it’s a good idea to use indica-dominant strains in your blunts to help you stay mellow.
  • Blunt wraps: You can use cigars, cigarillos, or non-tobacco wraps. Just make sure that you don’t use a dried-out wrap since they’re prone to crumbling and are noticeably more difficult to roll. You’ll undoubtedly find them at your local headshop, but you can also find tobacco wraps at most corner stores. The best blunt wraps are Dutch Masters, Backwoods, and Phillies. You can also opt for Swisher Sweets, White Owls, or Black & Milds, though these brands often come a bit drier.
  • Grinder and rolling tray: You’ll need a grinder for getting your bud to a nice coarse grind. When grinding your weed make sure not to overdo it. If it’s too fine, it’ll be difficult to roll and smoke. You should also use a rolling tray to keep your leftover weed in one place for an easy cleanup.
  • Razor blade or knife: A small sharp blade makes it much easier to break down a tobacco wrap and put it back together without damaging the wrap. It leaves one clean incision that is easy to patch up when you’re done rolling.
  • Damp Paper Towel (optional): If you buy a drier wrap, you can use a slightly damp paper towel to help rehydrate your blunt wrap before rolling it. A little goes a long way, though. You don’t want to saturate your blunt because it’ll be impossible to burn.
  • Lighter: Every stoner should always have a lighter handy. You’ll need one to bake your blunt and to light it up when it’s time to smoke.

How to roll a blunt 

Ready to try your hand at rolling a blunt? Here’s a step-by-step guide to rolling the perfect one.

rolling a blunt

  1. Grind your weed — Using your grinder, give your weed a nice coarse grind. You can also break your bud apart with your fingers, if you’d like.
  2. Prep the wrap — If you’re not using an empty wrap, you can use a tobacco wrap. Start by cutting the tobacco wrap with a razor blade lengthwise until it’s split. Empty out all the tobacco from the middle and throw it away.
  3. Dampen your wrap — If you live in a dry area, a little bit of moisture will make it so much easier to roll your blunt. You can do it with spit too, but a damp paper towel or the tip of your finger and some tap water tend to be a little more hygienic. You can gently moisten the entire wrap to help with shaping and rolling, or you can use a dab here or there to seal small tears and shaping issues. Just be careful, too much moisture can crack the wrap.
  4. Fill the wrap with weed — Fill the empty blunt wrap with the weed you ground up. You will need anywhere from 1.5 – 3.5 grams depending on the size of your wrap.
  5. Roll it up — Roll the cannabis-filled wrap between your fingers to pack it evenly. Once it’s packed and shaped, tuck one side of the wrap under the other side and wet the exposed edge from end to end. You can wet or lick it to seal it. If you crack it or poke a hole in it, you can use the gummy adhesive from a rolling paper to patch it.
  6. Bake the seal — With your rolled blunt in hand, you can use a lighter to bake the seam to dry it and seal it together. This also helps to create an even burn. Hold your blunt in one hand and run a lighter lengthwise under the seam and around the outside. You’re just looking for heat though, so don’t let the flame touch your blunt until you’re ready to enjoy it.
  7. Spark it up — With your blunt baked, it’s time for you to get baked. Light the end the same way you would a joint. Use indirect heat at first and then evenly burn the end of your blunt until it’s smoldering evenly. From there, take a few puffs and pass it around.

If all else fails, try Cannagars 

If you’re on the hunt for a cigar-like experience but you’re not interested in using traditional blunt wraps, or if you’re just looking for something unique to share with a large group of friends, look no further than cannagars. Cannagars are cannabis cigars, made with compressed flower, kief, and several concentrates and wrapped up like a blunt.

cannagar mold
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They contain anywhere from an eighth to a quarter ounce of weed and concentrates, so they burn for an exceptionally long time. You can find them at most dispensaries, though you can also make your own with items from your personal stash. They take a little longer to make and use a little more material than a standard blunt, but they take a much longer time to smoke and taste great.

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