Move over White Claw, THC seltzers are coming through! Cannabis-infused seltzers are making a splash in the recreational cannabis industry for their quick, consistent cannabinoid delivery, low dose options, and delicious flavors. Here’s everything you need to know about weed seltzers and why we love them.

What are cannabis seltzers? 

Like the seltzers found in the alcohol world, THC seltzers are light and low dose. Cannabis seltzers are made with carbonated seltzer water and natural flavors with a microdose of THC, or up to 5mg. Many of them also contain CBD which helps round out the high, so that you can continue drinking them socially without getting couch-locked and stoned. They feel similar to alcohol and are just as easy to dose since they kick in almost instantly. The best part is, since they’re non-alcoholic, you can drink as many as you’d like and not have to worry about a hangover the next day. Like seltzers, they also come in many different flavors and are a nice, low-dose option for social cannabis use.

cannabis seltzer

Why are weed seltzers so popular? 

Cannabis is becoming one of the biggest industries in the country for consumers and is set to outpace alcohol in the coming years since it offers fun effects without the hangover or the violence or many of the other negative effects of alcohol use. Cannabis seltzers themselves are low calorie, drinkable, and tasty, but since they’re so low dose, they can be enjoyed in social settings without making you too high to function, like other THC-infused beverages.

Further, they kick in quicker and more consistently than edibles themselves. Since the THC is water-soluble, you can absorb them sublingually and through your mouth, esophagus, and stomach as soon as they enter your body instead of waiting for up to two hours for an edible to metabolize in your liver.

“If anyone asks us, ‘How high does this get me?’ — it’s the strength of light beer or glass of wine, but instead of getting drunk, you are high,” Luke Anderson, cofounder of CANN said. “And for how many you should have, check in with yourself, just like you do when you’re out drinking.”

Under 5mg with CBD, most cannabis seltzers are microdoses, meaning that you’ll feel a slight buzz and can feel it wear off before you decide to grab another drink. New users will feel great after one seltzer, though seasoned users with a tolerance will be able to drink several over the course of an evening.

While beverages only make up 5% of the edibles industry, the market is growing. While there are many companies out there, like Keef Cola and Dixie Elixirs, many of these beverages are just too strong for the average person looking for a gentle high or a social experience. Luckily, seltzers are starting to become extremely popular, and they can be found in many recreational dispensaries all over the country from all sorts of different brands.

A few reasons to love THC seltzer 

To recap, THC seltzers are excellent social beverages on pace to compete heavily with the alcohol industry in the coming years. Designed for the social experience and made for the cannabis culture, there are plenty of reasons to love THC seltzers, including:

  • Great non-alcoholic alternative to socializing with alcohol
  • Low dose to keep the good times rolling the whole night through
  • Kick in faster than other edibles or THC-infused beverages
  • Well rounded with additional cannabinoids like CBD to keep the effects feeling mellow
  • Taste great
  • Low calories
  • No hangover the next morning
  • Readily available at most dispensaries

All in all, now’s the time to start enjoying weed seltzers. Try Cann, Levia, and Creative Waters Co to spice up your next night in with friends.

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