Smoking aids and devices come and go, but there will always be a place for cigars in the cannabis world. Many diehard marijuana smokers who eschew tobacco products on general principle wouldn’t think twice about popping into a neighborhood store for a pack of Phillies.

The fact is, even if you aren’t a tobacco user, rolling your bud in a cigar wrapper could be one of the most enjoyable weed-related experiences you will have. Blunts remain the THC delivery method of choice in many parts of the United States, and their popularity is steadily growing.

best cigars for weed
We’ve listed our recommendations for the best cigars for blunts below.

Why would you want to roll your fine bud in tobacco? A cigar wrapper will impart its own distinct flavor into the blend. Unless you are totally adverse to the taste and smell of tobacco (there are virtually no physical effects with such a small amount), the combination might be to your liking. If you opt for a good quality cigar, the flavor and aroma blend can complement your weed perfectly.

Cigars also make for a smoother and more even burn. These qualities are especially important when rolling large blunts. In fact, blunts, by definition, are fat and thick, and ideally suited for sharing. For situations when you need to smoke out a few people and you need a reliable delivery method, blunts are the way to go.

Best cigars for blunts

A blunt is only as good as the weed you use and the cigar leaf you roll it in. Here is a rundown of some of the best cigars for blunts.

DM1. Dutch Masters Cigars

With a noticeably earthy bouquet and a slow burn, Dutch Masters Cigars are a good choice for those new to the fascinating world of the blunt. The leaves tend to be veiny, but it does roll easily enough. Dutch Masters costs more than other cigars, but the cost is more than justified by the flavor. You cannot deny that Dutch Masters are some of the best cigars for weed.


2. Phillies BluntPhillies Blunt - best cigars for blunts

Phillies are classics for many good reasons. There are numerous reasons why Phillies are among the best cigars for blunts: They are very easy to roll, they are available almost anywhere, and the price is right. The brand that brought the blunt to worldwide prominence, Phillies, makes cigars that are a bit on the small side, and they tend to burn faster than most others. Nevertheless, you can’t beat a classic.


3. White Owl DutchWhite Owl Dutch - best cigars to roll blunts

Those who want a slow burning blunt should check out White Owl Dutch cigars. With a remarkably smooth smoke, White Owls are very reasonably priced. The taste does tend to be slightly bitter, and they could be challenging to roll for beginners, but the results are generally enjoyable.


4. Entourage

best cigarillos for blunts | entourageEntourage is pretty hard to fault. It is actually a wrap rather than a cigar, so you don’t waste any tobacco in the process. Generously sized and attractively priced, these wraps also have a pleasant flavor. They do tend to be a bit veiny, but in all other respects, we can’t complain!


5. Bambu PaperBest Cigars for Blunts - Bambu

Okay, this one is technically paper – and is even marketed as such – but it’s probably the closest you’ll get to a paper-rolled blunt. The price definitely cannot be beat, and you get enough papers in every pack to hone your mad blunt rolling skills.


There you have it; that’s five of the best cigars to smoke weed. Take your pick, pack it full of the finest, and enjoy.

Which are your preferred cigars for weed? Let us know in the comments below.

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