Investing in a quality grinder is a no-brainer.  Sure, you can skimp and grab a cheap import that will clog or break after a few months, or even worse, sprinkle tiny bits of toxic metals into your weed with each use. After reviewing tons of styles and brands, we’ve compiled a list of the six best weed grinders in 2024. Products from the below brands are made from safe materials, built to last, and ready to take rolling next-level.  Learn more about what to look for a grinder in our in-depth weed grinder buying guide.

1. Flower Mill Grinders

Best Weed Grinder
Flower Mills are among the best cannabis grinders due to their unique milling capability.


  • Name: Flower Mill
  • Price: $39.99-99.99
  • Materials: Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Grind Type: Milling

At the very top of this list of the best weed grinders of 2024 is the Flower Mill, which works differently than the standard grinders with teeth. Instead, Flower Mill technology uses plates to gently mill your flower where it pulls apart from itself naturally instead of ripping it apart with metal teeth. Beloved for their ability to grind cannabis to an even consistency, Flower Mills make for an efficient grinder that minimizes waste. Made with food-grade stainless steel and encased in light aircraft grade aluminum, the Flower mill is light, durable and easy to use. Best of all, it’s design features precision tolerances that mimimizes metal on metal contact for consistency, efficiency, and a grinder that will work for you for the long haul. At only $100, their Premium Flower Mill comes with the option for a kief collector as well as additional rotor plates to give you more control over your final grind consistency. It’s one of our favorite daily drivers, which is why we placed it here at number one.

2. Vulcan Grinders

best herb grinder 2023
Vulcan grinders offer unparalleled ease of use.
  • Name: Vulcan Grinders 
  • Price: $34.99-79.99
  • Materials: Aerospace-grade aluminum 
  • Grind Type: Grinding 

Vulcan Grinders has cemented its position among the best weed grinders emerging this year, especially for people with joint pain or people who have difficulty using regular grinders. Crafted with precision using aerospace-grade aluminum, these four-chamber grinders are sturdy and durable enough for daily use. The patented design utilizes an octagonal shape, which is a lot easier on the hands and wrists to hold and use. Unlike others, it’s also built with rare earth magnets, which are long lasting and help make for a consistent, effortless grind. Included with each grinder is a custom-scraper so you never waste weed again, as well as two removable magnetic screens in 25mm and 40mm sizes, which give you more control over the consistency of the kief you can catch. These versatile grinders also look great in any setup, and come in several different sizes and colors. The smallest size can support 2-3 grams, and the largest can support up to 4-6 grams, making them a great choice for both at home with friends and on the go. Best of all, they come with a solid lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong, they’ll replace it for you free of charge. Between their ease of use, versatility, sleek, durable design, and grind quality, Vulcan Grinders have more than earned their place on this list at number two. Check out our full Vulcan grinder review to learn more.

3. Phoenician Grinders

best weed grinders
Phoenician grinder


  • Name: Phoenician Grinders
  • Price: $29.99-99.99
  • Materials: Aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Grind Type: Grinding

Phoenician Grinders is a company driven by innovation and quality that makes it’s way into any selection of the best herb grinders. They took the standard grinder model and took it to new heights with quick-lock threading and razor sharp teeth that shear your herb instead of shredding it to a pulp. The medium-sized Burple Grinder is outfitted with rare earth magnets, replaceable screens, and a beveled chamber that can collect kief and protect your bud as they’re being ground up.  While the grinder checks in at $130, it’s well worth the price. With it you get four chambers of anodized aluminum, diametrically cut teeth, and trapezoidal drop-through holes, all manufactured in the USA using medical-grade materials.

4. King Palm Grinders

Best Weed Grinder

  • Name: King Palm
  • Price: $25.00-64.99
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Grind Type: Grinding

While King Palm is primarily known for their extensive line of rolling papers, wraps, tubes and cones – available in every flavor under the sun – their product selection also extends to weed grinders.  King Palm’s grinder range spans from their standard 4-piece and the more compact Mars grinder to the XL and more advanced electric models. Their grinders make it easy to achieve a consistent grind and are made using anodized aluminum and a ceramic coating for enhanced durability.

5. Tahoe Grinder Co

best weed grinder brands
Tahoe Grinder Co


  • Name: Taho Grinder Co
  • Price: $27.99-119.99
  • Materials: Medical-grade aluminum
  • Grind Type: Grinding
  • Manufactured: USA

Next of our list of the best weed grinders comes Tahoe Grinder Co., an exceptionally mindful company that employs a zero-waste policy into everything they design and manufacture. They work with local artists to develop limited edition designs for their grinders, so you can rest assured that each of their USA-made products is designed to suit people from all walks of life. Our favorite grinder is their 2-piece black and bamboo grinder featuring the Tahoe Grinder Co. logo for only $50. It’s made using medical grade aluminum, and comes with a lifetime warranty on grinder insert, teeth and magnets. While this design doesn’t come with a catcher or a kief collector, we love it since it keeps everything together. However, if a kief collector is a must for you, you can find 3 and 4-chamber grinders that offer the same guarantees on the Tahoe Grinder Co. website.

6. Santa Cruz Shredder

best herb grinders
Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Name: Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Price: $28.50-169.99
  • Materials: Medical-grade anodized aluminum
  • Grind Type: Grinding
  • Manufactured: USA

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ve probably seen our Santa Cruz Shredder review. The company itself makes some of the best marijuana grinders on the market, featuring all sorts of artists, brands, and designs that fully encapsulate the California spirit. Their USA-made 4-piece grinder is made from medical-grade anodized aluminum and features a revolutionary tooth design. It also comes with a rare earth magnet for keeping herb fresh as well as a patented threading system that makes grinding a breeze. Get yours for only $75.

What we love about these grinders 

Each and every grinder on this list comes with a few features every stoner will love. Each has patented designs that are exceptionally durable and sturdy compared to the rest of the grinders out there. We picked these six as our selection of the best marijuana grinders since they are all easy to clean and use, made with safe materials, offer a coarse and fluffy grind, and either come with a product guarantee or are built to last or offer interchangeable parts. With that said, if you’re on the hunt for a grinder or you’re just ready to ditch your cheap ones, you can’t go wrong with these.

What are the benefits of using a weed grinder? 

As we mentioned, grinders are some of the most important tools available to flower smokers. While you can get by without one, having one around makes life easier in numerous different ways.

  • Grinds your weed into a consistent form: The best flower grinders are able to break your flowers down into small, consistent pieces that roll up better and burn more evenly. A grinder is essential if you prefer to roll your cannabis up into blunts or joints, though they also make bongs and pipes burn more evenly. You’ll find that the best cannabis grinders provide a more even grind than cheap grinder models.
  • Allows you to get more out of your flower: The act of grinding brings the best aromas out of your weed. Mechanically breaking buds down with your fingers damages the structural integrity of your trichomes and resin glands, which holds your THC and terpenes.  Grinding on the other hand separates more gently, preserving the integrity of your flowers and encouraging the best scents and flavors from your smokable flower.
  • Saves bud: Grinders utilize every piece of the flower and break them down into consistent small pieces. These pieces go a lot longer than flower broken up in other ways since they burn longer and more evenly. Further, grinders can also collect kief, which makes a great bowl topper and can help you postpone a trip to the dispensary.
  • Saves time and effort: Without a grinder, it’s difficult to get a decent grind on your weed. Whether you use your fingers or a pair of scissors, it’s difficult to get an even, consistent grind without spending a lot of time in the process. A grinder on the other hand is quick and easy. You just load up your flower, give it a couple of twists, and your ground flower is ready to be smoked.

Different Grinder Materials: Pros and Cons 

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new grinder is the material that it’s made out of. Grinders come in all different shapes and sizes and come in many different materials including ceramic, metal, wood and plastic. However, for all intents and purposes, the best grinders are made from wood, metal and acrylic. While a plastic or ceramic grinder would serve you in a pinch, they tend to break easily and wear out quickly, making them an unworthy investment. Here’s an in-depth guide to the big three.

Metal Grinders 

Metal weed grinder
Metal weed grinders are extremely durable and easy to clean.

Metal grinders should only be made from stainless steel or aluminum. Other metals run the risk of burring with prolonged use or rusting with exposure to the elements, making them dangerous to run your weed through. That said, there’s a lot to like about using a metal grinder. They’re heavyweight and make grinding a breeze, and they’re easy to clean. They also come in a variety of different colors and designs, producing lots of different consistencies to your weed.


  • Good weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Laser-cut teeth that don’t need to be resharpened


  • Prone to getting jammed and sticky without regular maintenance

Wood grinders 

Wooden weed grinder
Wooden weed grinders are lightweight and grind well, but are difficult to maintain long-term.

Wooden grinders are typically made from bamboo or other polished, treated woods. They look great with any natural setup and grind weed just as well as any other grinders using carved wooden teeth or laser-cut metal teeth. Wooden grinders are lightweight and come in all different sizes and shapes. They’re also less likely to get jammed up with resin gunk with regular maintenance.


  • Lighter weight
  • Sturdy teeth that don’t need to be resharpened
  • Less likely to jam
  • Come in many different designs and patterns


  • Difficult to clean and maintain while protecting the longevity of the wood

Acrylic Grinders 

Acrylic weed grinder
Acrylic weed grinders are low-cost and lightweight, but are known to break down after prolonged use.

Acrylic grinders are grinders made from a strong plastic. They’re lightweight and durable, though with a lot of use the teeth may break faster than the teeth of wood or metal grinders. Acrylic grinders are also some of the easiest grinders to clean, and come in many different colors and designs.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Come in many different designs and colors
  • Long lasting
  • Strong sharp teeth


  • Teeth may break with prolonged use

How many chambers do you need? 

When purchasing a grinder, you’ll find many grinders listed as 2, 3, or 4-pieces. Each piece, or chamber, serves a purpose within the grinder. The number of chambers you need will depend on your personal preferences and what you’d like your grinder to do.

weed grinder compartments chambers

  • 2-piece: these are 2-chamber grinders. They contain the two pieces of the grinder itself without a storage compartment and are ideal for people grinding just enough to roll into a joint or pack into a bowl for immediate use.
  • 3-piece: these are 3-chamber grinders. They contain the two pieces of the grinder, and a third chamber for collecting and storing ground flower. They are ideal for people who like to keep pre-ground flower on hand during a smoke sesh.
  • 4-piece: these are 4-chamber grinders. They contain two pieces of the grinder itself, along with a third chamber for collecting bud, and a fourth chamber for collecting kief. They are ideal for people who like the added benefit of catching kief and saving bud.

What are the best weed grinder brands?

The best grinder brands out there include some Flower Mill, King Palm, Phoenician Engineering, and Tahoe Grinder Co. These are brands that have built a reputation for providing durable grinders made of solid materials that provide a consistent grind.

Other things to consider when buying a grinder

Everyone’s idea of the best herb grinder will be different based on their personal preferences or intended uses. Here are a few other things to consider when buying a grinder:

buying weed grinder


Size is your number one consideration. If you’re a solo-smoker, odds are you’re going to need a smaller, more portable grinder. However, if you know you’re going to blow through a lot of product with your grinder, a larger one might make more sense.

Manual or electric

While manual grinders are the standard, electric grinders are great if you have a lot of herb to grind in a short amount of time. If you make your own pre-rolls, an electric grinder can help streamline the process for you. On the other hand, manual grinders are excellent for their portability. They take a little bit of elbow grease, but if you aren’t blowing through massive quantities of weed, they’re your better bet.

Kief collectors 

If you’re torn between a 3-chamber and a 4-chamber grinder, think about whether or not you want to collect kief. Kief is leftover trichome glands from the weed you run through your grinder. They are considered a solventless concentrate and make a great addition to bowls or joints. However, kief can also be pressed into hash, which is a great concentrate for smoking or dabbing. A grinder with a kief collector can help you get the most out of your weed and make it possible to save more money at the dispensary. However, they also take up space in your grinder. Omitting the kief collector makes it possible to have a larger catch chamber for your ground bud, keeping the kief in with each batch of flower.

Grinding vs milling 

Grinding involves using teeth to separate and break down plant materials, including flowers and stems. Milling on the other hand involves friction and separating plant materials into smaller pieces where they’d naturally separate, excluding the stem. While grinding is a great catch-all option, a lot of smokers are starting to prefer milling since its more gentle on the flower itself. Milling grinders (such as Flower Mill Grinders) do the same thing as traditional grinders, though they offer more consistent results a little bit faster.

Bells and whistles 

There are lots of optional things you can find in grinders. For example, magnetic closures prevent grinders from opening and spilling during transport. Others come with odor-proof chamber linings, dispensers, and kief scrapers. Some can be airtight and watertight or come with a hand crank for grinding. There has been a lot of innovation conducted on the simplistic design of standard grinders, so be on the lookout for features that might come in handy for you.

And there you have it, the best weed grinders in 2024 and what to look for when you’re buying one. Let us know which you go for.


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