Doob Tubes were specifically designed to carry pre-rolled marijuana (1 per tube). The concept is simple, yet innovative: a resilient, air-tight and water resistant carrying device for pre-rolled marijuana. The tubes keep everything fresh as well and protected from crushing, bending, unraveling and exposure to moisture. Many marijuana delivery services use Doob Tubes to carry cones.

Looks and Design

Tubes are available in several different colors and lengths to accommodate personal preferences. They are also available with printed medication identification information in 13 states, which clearly identifies the contents as medical marijuana. They come in various colors and have different phrases printed along the side (“The Bomb” or “The Sh*@!!!”). Regardless of which size you order they’re all small and fit easily into any pocket or purse.

Joint Holders
Doob Tube joint containers are available in a range of colors.


The tubes were mainly designed to decrease accidents during travel and to increase freshness of stored joints/blunts. We mentioned that they are airtight, so no smell comes from them, even if there was a  joint inside that had already been lit and smoked. While they’re billed as water resistant, prolonged exposure will result in leaking and small amounts of moisture will enter.

The Kit

At $1.75 a tube with a pricing model that scales down as you buy in bulk (so a box of 25 is $24.95).

Joint Tubes
Doob Tubes joint tubes are available in opaque or transparent styles.

The Verdict

If you need to travel with pre-rolled joints or blunts, the Doob Tube is a great way to ensure that they don’t get bent, broken, or come unrolled. We like that Doob Tubes eliminate any odors while still protecting what’s inside. At $1.75 apiece they’re an extremely affordable must-have that we highly recommended.

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