Smoking weed is a pretty easy job, all things considered. All you need to do is burn the stuff and inhale the smoke. Any idiot can figure out how to do that with minimal supplies.

But being a real stoner means a deeper, and slightly more expensive, dedication to the drug. A hand-rolled joint is great – and cheap. But sometimes you need something more elaborate – a good glass bong or pipe, maybe. There are other must-have accessories, too.

So here, in no particular order, are the most important things you need to toke in style. You can always go for more – a good vaporizer, an oil rig, etc. But this list will give you the basics.

Rolling Papers

weed and papers


Papers come in a wide variety of sizes and, best of all, they only cost a few bucks per pack. And depending on how much you toke, a few bucks could last you a long time.

Learning how to roll a J can take some practice, but it’s pretty easy. You just put the weed (you have weed, right?) in the crease of a rolling paper, then rub the two halves of the paper together until the pot forms a tight cylinder shape. Lick the strip and seal.

Rolling Tray


Elements and Raw are among the best providers of good rolling trays. This isn’t a necessary tool, but it sure will make your life easier.

No more scraping pot from a table or countertop. No more spilling on the floor. No more scooping cannabis from a zip-lock baggie. Now you have a place to hold your ground weed, and a handy lap-top surface for rolling.

A Lighter

Zippo Lighter

OK, this is the kind of thing everybody knows. Sometimes you have to go with what you’ve got: a grill lighter, matches, a gas range, anything that produces a manageable flame. We don’t recommend using a pilot light, unless you want to get your head stuck behind the refrigerator, but do what you have to do.

For some jobs, such as heating the nail in a hash oil rig, you’ll need a high-powered butane torch, not just a Bic or Zippo. You can find torches at most head shops, along with compressed butane for refills.

A Grinder

Four Piece Grinder

Depending on how much weed you have, you can often use an electric coffee grinder to chop up your product. You’ll get a nice, fine grind, though you’ll also have to scrape all the dope out of the grinder when you’re done.

But often it’s best to grind by hand. You’ll get a coarser result, but that’s often better for rolling joints or packing bowls. There are tons of great grinders, but look for a four-piece set.

These grinders come in three levels with four pieces. The top level, covered by the cap, is where the weed is ground. You simply rotate the cap with the marijuana inside until you get a fairly fine consistency.

The next level, which has a screen at the bottom, holds the ground pot after it falls through holes in the grinder. And the final level, at the bottom, catches the residue that falls through the screen – a good source of kief.

**Pro tip- put a penny, or something like it, on top of the screen to increase your kief!

A Spoon Pipe

Spoon Pipe

A simple bowl is a must-have for any stoner. Glass is preferable, though metal and even wood work fine. As with everything you smoke, avoid anything containing plastic.

You can DIY without a lot of trouble. Whatever you use (food, wood, etc.), simply follow the shape of a standard spoon bowl, carve a hole from the end of the stem through the bottom of the bowl. Then carve another hole from the bottom of the bowl into the first hole. Finally, carve a carb hole on the side of the bowl that connects to the first hole.

A Glass Bong

Medicali Stubby Wagon Wheel

This is the crowning possession of many potheads. A fine glass bong , like the Medicali Stubby Wagon Wheel, provides a smooth, potent smoke, and besides, they just look awesome. Nothing says “stoner” like a spendy, pretty, quality water pipe.

If you can’t afford the real thing, you can get some of the same effects from a smaller plastic bong – as long as it has a glass or metal bowl. But nothing can cut it quite like a top-notch glass bong.


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