Despite its somewhat diminutive form, the Atmos vaporizer has managed to achieve a degree of acclaim and commercial success that has eluded many of its larger, more fully-featured compatriots. The recipient of industry accolades afforded to only the finest vaporizers, the Atmos Raw vaporizer was a stunning commercial and critical success. In fact, it even ranked number one in High Times magazine’s 2013 Vaporizer Pen’s Buying Guide.

vaporizers for concentratesAs you may have guessed by now, the Atmos vaporizer is a pen vaporizer that is smaller than most other handheld vaporizers. More than that, the Atmos is actually one of the smallest vaporizers in its class. And speaking of class, the Atmos sets itself apart with its elegant and stylish looks, and compact form factor. Sleek and discreet, the Atmos vaporizer won’t call any attention to itself – unless of course you whip it out in full view of everyone, in which case it will definitely turn a few heads.

Durable build

There’s a lot more to the Atmos than just compactness and good looks. It is also one of the most durable vaporizers around, owing to its high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel construction. While we wouldn’t recommend throwing the Atmos vaporizer around or treating it roughly, it seems strong enough to withstand most of the everyday stresses, strains, and bumps that portable vaporizers typically go through.

Designed for vaporizing herbs

The performance is another reason why the Atmos vaporizer stands out. Although it isn’t designed for vaporizing concentrates and oils, the Atmos performs admirably in its basic function, which is to vaporize herbs. In fact, with the ability to heat and vaporize herbs with such a precise degree of control, the Atmos could very well be one of the most efficient and most capable herbal vaporizers on the market today.

One of the most remarkable qualities of the Atmos vaporizer is how it manages to retain the flavor and aroma of herbs. Let’s face it: pen vaporizers aren’t exactly known for their stellar performance, and burnt flavors and smoky odors are pretty much par for the course when you give up performance for portability. Amazingly, there is no such compromise with the Atmos vaporizer, and you will find that it provides a comparable vaporizing experience with the finest standalone desktop vaporizers, portability and compact form factor notwithstanding. With the Atmos vaporizer, the full flavor and aroma of your herbs are preserved, and you could enjoy just as satisfying an experience as you would with a bigger, more expensive vaporizer.

Reasonably priced

Amazingly, the Atmos vaporizer comes with a pretty reasonable price tag. With online prices ranging from, $150 to $250, the Atmos presents superb value for the money. Some sites even offer the Atmos at heavily discounted prices, making an already good deal a virtual no-brainer.

Granted the Atmos vaporizer isn’t for everyone. Those who are looking for a way to vaporize oils and concentrates on-the-go should look elsewhere. There have also been issues reported with regard to unintended combustion. If you are looking for an elegant and efficient portable vaporizer for herbs however, the Atmos vaporizer deserves a closer look.

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