Like any smoker, you’ve probably had times when you had no choice but to light up in less-than-optimal conditions. It may be in situations when you need your medication, or it may be when you simply crave the buzz of a potent high, but these are the times when a lack of discreetness could be an issue.

What do you do in such a situation? Here are some ideas for discreet ways to smoke weed… without the potential consequences.

1. Use a one-hitter

These have got to be one of the most convenient ways to smoke weed on-the-move. Although you may have a very impressive looking ice bong or hookah at home, they aren’t much use when you’re in a public setting. For such a scenario, a handy one-hitter can be a tremendous lifesaver. Make sure you have one in your pocket with you ready to go at all times or invest in a one-hitter keychain, and sneak a toke here and there without anyone being any the wiser. Check out our guide to the best one hitters for some recommendations.

one hitter pipe

2. Pack weed into a cigarette

This one is old but gold. Unfortunately, it only works if a) you are a tobacco smoker, and b) there aren’t many people around, as it will produce as much smell as the typical joint. For this method, you will have to do a bit of preparation work at home. First, carefully take a bit of the tobacco out from your cigarette, leaving the paper intact. Then stuff a few hits worth of weed into the space, and then top it up with some of the tobacco you just scraped out. You can then light up in public just as if you were smoking an ordinary cigarette.

pack weed in cigarette

3. Use a vaporizer

Okay, this one isn’t exactly smoking, but it’s so convenient for mobile use that we have to add it to the list. Using a portable vaporizer is an ideal way to smoke weed on-the-go, and it will not smell nearly as much as a joint or a pipe. There are many portable and pen-type models available on the market, with some even providing push-button operation that only vaporizes the weed when you press. Aside from reducing the smell, this will also help you consume weed more efficiently.

use vaporizer

4. Crop dusting

Have you ever had to get rid of some gas but had nowhere to do it discreetly? You may have had to resort to crop-dusting at some point, so now you can apply the same basic principle when smoking in public. Using any one of the above methods, you can greatly reduce your chances of being detected by walking through a crowd while carefully taking hits here and there. Keep in mind that this is quite a risky method, so don’t do it unless you are absolutely sure that you can deal with the possible consequences.

smoking blunt

5. Edibles

Sure, this one isn’t exactly smoking, but it’s easily the best option out there if you’re looking to get high on the down-low. Eating a few milligrams of an edible is a great way to maintain your high while you’re out and about if smoking on the go feels too risky. Edible highs last up to 8 hours and can keep you feeling vibey without having to carry weed around. Just remember to start with a lower dose and work your way up. Gummies are a lot more discreet than flower! 

weed edibles

6. Dabbing

Dabbing in the traditional sense isn’t exactly discreet, but it’s much less noticeable in the smell department than traditional flower. However, dabbing has become much more discreet thanks to the introduction of e-rigs. These portable all-in-one dab rigs make it easy to toke on the go since they fit easily in a pocket or purse. Some e-rigs, like the Puffco Plus, are so small they look like a standard vape pen. 


7. Use an odor eliminator

When push comes to shove, you have one final option: odor eliminators. You can’t get much more discreet than with an odor eliminator, like a Sploofy or Smoke Buddy. With these little gadgets, you’ll smoke as normal and then exhale your smoke into the device, effectively eliminating the odor associated with cannabis use. It’s a great choice if you’re smoking somewhere you shouldn’t be. 

odor eliminator


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