What’s good, stoner fam?! We’re kicking off the holiday season with a two-winner giveaway sponsored by DabCaps. The prize includes classics from their flagship collection of signature DabCaps, plus a proper introduction to their quartz dab nails, carb caps and other accessories.

DabCap V4 Set: The Classics

Rip your cart from a bong with the most universal DabCap ever, in the brand’s classic colors: white, black and rasta. DabCaps are made from food-grade silicone that is safe up to 550°F and naturally repels dust, other particles, and anything else that wants to stick to your dab station. They are compatible with most water pipes and extraction devices.

DabCap Standard Banger

DabCap aims to set a new standard for quartz bangers — that’s why their comes with a beveled edge and frosted joint. They have a few other styles in the line, too.

Bubble Cap

A is part of any legit carb cap collection. This classic style has never been outdone and never goes out of style. It’s a great fit with the standard nail’s beveled edge and secures a nice seal.

Dab Mat

Dabbing is real sticky, okay. It’s time to adult-up and line your dab station with a silicone mat to catch all the goo and keep things clean. Made in the DabCap manufacturing facilities from premium silicone, the can withstand temperatures up to 550°F, so hot dabbers and carb caps are good to go. Your desk will thank you.


Made in the USA from anodized aircraft grade aluminum, the Spincap from DabCaps is safe up to 1500°F (but, *please* don’t ever actually get it that hot.) Pair this cap with some terp pearls to get them spinning.

If you’re new here, visit our giveaway page to enter. Click that link every single day to get in on daily entries! If you’re just lazy, maybe this is your month to win…by taking advantage of all the bonus entries. We’re here for you!

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