With so many wonderful marijuana strains available on the market today, finding one that conforms to your stringent criteria of ‘best’ shouldn’t pose any significant challenge. In fact, if you have a lot of experience with different varieties of weed, you have probably already put together a list of best marijuana strains given your needs and preferences.

But what of the best marijuana strains for specific purposes? What are the best marijuana strains for maintaining mental clarity, for example?

One of the most important things you should know is that if mental clarity is a priority, the Sativas are your best bet. Providing a more mentally-centered or cerebral high than Indicas, Sativas are best suited for daytime use or when maintaining focus and clarity are required. Here we provide a rundown of some of the best marijuana strains for keeping sharp and mentally focused.

1. Durban Poison

durban poisonDurban Poison derives its name from the South African port city, where the strain is a popular crop. A Sativa of the purest sort, Durban Poison provides a potent mind-focused high that last a good long time. It is especially known for the intense euphoric and happy sensations that come on almost immediately after taking the first hit. Unlike other potent strains that tend to knock you out however, Durban Poison provides an energy boost that keeps you up and alert even while totally baked. The flavor of Durban Poison can be likened to that of pine with distinctive fruity notes.

2. Sour Jack

sour jack

Sour Jack is the offspring of two notable strains in the Sativa family: Sour Diesel and Jack Herer. Known for their potency, the two parent strains exhibit their finest qualities in Sour Jack. You could therefore expect every hit of Sour Jack to provide a delicious citrus flavor, and a smoothness that belies its sheer potency. Sour Jack also provides a very uplifting and energizing high that contrasts sharply the dreaded couch-lock effect. In fact, Sour Jack can even be used while engaging in sports or physical activity.

3. Green Crack

Green Crack

The formidably named Green Crack might put you off because of the association with the decidedly less-friendly drug, but you needn’t worry. Although having a hit of Green Crack will likely leave you wanting more and more, the results are not nearly as alarming as the notorious illicit street drug with which it shares the name. As potent a cerebral high as Green Crack provides, it is surprisingly short-lasting, which means that you will likely want to keep hitting it in order to keep the good vibes going. Nevertheless, Green Crack provides a pleasant enough sensation that the only effect you are likely to experience is an energetic high ideally suited for social gatherings.

4. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express first came into widespread public attention in the wake of the smash Hollywood hit bearing its name. Although the cinematic version of the strain exhibited almost psychedelic properties, the real-world Pineapple Express isn’t quite as mind-numbing. In fact, Pineapple Express provides a pretty energetic high with none of the stupor and drowsiness that typifies most powerful cannabis strains. With a smooth, tropical fruit flavor and virtually no couch lock, Pineapple Express is a great choice for social settings.


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