Of all the varieties of marijuana currently available, the Kush family is undoubtedly one of the most revered. Routinely awarded top prizes in notable cannabis competitions, Kushes have been highly regarded since the 1980s heyday of the original Skunks, all the way to the present when Kushage, Vanilla, and Kaia Kush varieties rule the heap. Although the wide range of haze strains are tops when it comes to Sativas, Kushes are the undisputed stars of the Indica hemisphere.

The influence of Kush actually spreads far and wide, and it is a significant genetic component to many strains that do not even have the word ‘Kush’ in the name. Strains such as AK-47, White Widow, and Sensi Star have achieved a fair degree of notoriety over the years, but much of their most notable characteristics are the result of the genetic contributions of the Kush family.

Hindu Kush
Hindu Kush

Even today, Kush varieties remain some of the most highly regarded strains in the world. Growers entering into competitions know that a breed with a distinct Kush lineage will win marks with judges, and they are almost always right. Valued for its considerable medicinal properties, Kushes are also popular for their distinctive citrus flavor and skunky aroma. The high of a good Kush is also long-lasting and the body stone is perfectly suited for pain relief, nausea treatment, relaxation, and sleeping.

Here are some of the best Kush strains available on the market today.

Hindu Kush

With a noticeably potent smoke and a spicy flavor, Hindu Kush is an Indica in the truest sense of the word. A heavy and mellows stone makes it suitable for relaxation, but it somehow manages to keep you on your feet for much longer than other strains in this category.

Burmese Kush

Also known as ‘Buku’, Burmese Kush is a proud addition to the Kush family. A resin laden strain hugely popular in the Amsterdam coffee shops, this one gives off a rich pine scent that merges well with its intense body high. Definitely one of the most interesting Kush varieties on the market.

Vanilla Kush

Although this Indica dominant strain shares a number of similar characteristics with its brethren, it somehow stands apart from the Kush varieties with its complex aroma and flavor. Hints of citrus, lavender, and sandalwood mix beguilingly with the vanilla flavor canvas producing a blend that is pleasantly full-bodied and sensual.

Sour Kush

Also known as ‘Headband’ Sour Kush is the remarkable offspring of Diesel and Kush strains. Awarded the 3rd spot in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2009, this one offers all the best qualities of a good Kush. A great choice for relaxation and sleep, Sour Kush produces a mellow and soothing body high.

OG Kush

A legend in its own right, OG Kush is the strain to which all notable West Coast strains can trace their lineage. Grown from Afghan seeds brought in from the Hindu Kush, this one is definitely worthy of all its notoriety and acclaim. Even with the development of many other impressive Kush strains, OG Kush has lost none of its renown.


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