Every so often, the perfect strain comes into existence. This is true for the Barry White X GSC weed cross, which doesn’t have an official name yet. Regardless, it’s surging in popularity for its heavy-hitting effects and mouth-watering flavors. Here’s everything you need to know about Barry White X Girl Scout Cookies, including its lineage, breeder, effects, flavors, scent, appearance, potency level and medicinal uses.

Barry White GSC Weed

Barry White X Girl Scout Cookies: Background 

Barry White X Girl Scout Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain first propagated by an unknown breeder. The cross comes from two strains of legendary status and offers some unmatched potency and effects, checking in between 20-24% THC. It’s a great strain for an energetic lift and can help chase away feelings of sluggishness or laziness with ease. However, it also offers a gently invigorating body buzz that can help you keep stubborn symptoms at bay the whole day through.

Barry White x Girl Scout Cookies Strain

The strain itself is pretty easy on the eyes and relatively easy to pick out of a lineup. Barry White X Girl Scout Cookies is a very frosty strain that takes on an almost white, crystalline appearance thanks to its abundance of THC-rich trichomes. Peppered in between the trichomes are hues of sage green and purple along with vibrant, fiery orange hairs.

Scent, flavors and effects of Barry White X GSC

Barry White X Girl Scout Cookies offers a long list of mouthwatering scents and flavors and whole-body effects, bringing you the best traits of both the GSC strain and the Barry White strain. On the nose, the strain takes on a candy-like sweetness and a rich, dank earthiness. When the flowers are ground up, they offer a somewhat bakesale-esque aroma, reminiscent of vanilla dough and berries. The scent is most pronounced when ground or right before harvest.

Barry White x Girl Scout Cannabis

The flavor is similar, with an inhale bringing out those rich, earthy notes to the forefront as your mouth is enveloped by the smoke. Because the strain contains Ocimene terpenes, you’ll find the smoke to be sugary sweet with a cooling mint sensation that is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed. Best of all, the smoke isn’t too harsh so you can get the full flavor profile upon your final exhale. The aftertaste is that of sweet berries and a pungent earthiness that is sure to remind you of a berry pie with a warm, earthy richness.

The effects of the Barry White X Girl Scout Cookies strain are notably uplifting and upbeat. The high will settle in your mind first, bringing with it a potent mental lift that helps with your energy levels and will leave you feeling positive, creative and giggly. As the high settles in the mind, it begins to take hold in the body where it provides comfort to achey areas and helps fight even the most aggressive fatigue. At the end of the day, the strain will leave you feeling aware and focused as well as mellow and happy.

Barry White x GSC cross strain

Medical use of the Barry White X GSC strain

These effects coupled with 20-24% THC levels and terpenes like Ocimene, Limonene, and Myrcene, Barry White X GSC is a great choice for medical patients seeking mental relief. The strain is a fantastic way to get your head out of a mental fog and help you focus on tasks at hand. It can help regulate your energy levels and fight fatigue as well as combat stress and depression like no other. The strain can also provide some gentle relief from minor aches and pains as well as nausea and a lack of appetite, making it a fantastic daytime smoke for keeping symptoms at bay as you go about your business.

Barry White x GSC Strain Review

All in all, the Barry White X GSC weed strain is a great smoke if you’re looking for upbeat mental effects and daytime relief from various symptoms. At a moderate level of THC, it makes a great choice for seasoned smokers and newbies alike— especially if they prefer sweet cakey strains.


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