One of the main selling points of medical marijuana is its value as an anti-nausea medication. In this regard, it has proven to be remarkably effective whether the nausea is caused by chemotherapy, some type of health condition, or medication prescribed for treating an illness. For people who wish to deal with nausea in a safe and effective manner, marijuana might just be the ideal solution.

Most any strain of marijuana can be effective at quelling nausea, but some strains are more effective than others. In general, Northern Lights and the wide range of purple strains seem to be the most effective.

It is also helpful to note that indicas are probably better suited for nausea given their more physical effect. Between the couch-lock effect and the relaxing sensation, indicas might just be the best anti-nausea medication you can get your hands on. Here is a rundown of some of the best marijuana strains for nausea.

1. Northern Lights

An Indica with a heavy body stone, Northern Lights is ideally suited for controlling nausea. Its sweet flavor with just a hint of muskiness surprisingly helps ease any queasiness you may feel, rather than worsening it as you may have imagined. Grown by an expert, the buds of the plant will average plenty of trichomes that ensure a satisfying smoke.

2. Purple Kush

From here on, it’s all about the purples. Extensive and varied with many fine examples, purple strains combine fruity flavors and sweet aromas into a heady blend. Purple Kush is probably one of the finest examples of the family, and it is a popular choice for healing patients deal with nausea. As an added benefit, it also helps stimulate appetite.

3. God Bud

The intimidating-sounding God Bud is another good choice, although it is pretty difficult to come by outside of British Columbia. If you have access to it, however, the rich, trichome-laden buds of purple and green make it one of the most effective anti-nausea meds available on the market. Highly regarded with a reputation deserving of its name, God Bud has been included in the High Times list of 10 best strains in Canada.

4. Grapefruit Skunk

Some people want only the nausea relief without necessarily having to deal with the couch lock effect of a heavy Indica. For such people, Grapefruit Skunk might be the ideal option. Keep in mind that the effects of this strain don’t last as long as most other purples, but for some people that might just be ideal.

5. White Rhino

White Rhino is very dose-dependent strain, which means that the effects vary considerably depending on how much you ingest. Its effects last for a good long time as well, so you could enjoy it for quite a bit after your nausea has passed.

6. Mr. Nice

The appropriately-named Mr. Nice comes on strong and quickly, making it a great choice for those who need nausea relief quickly. Like all Indicas, this strain provides a nice relaxing effect as well, making it a versatile and useful anti-nausea medication.


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