AK47 has graced coffee shop and dispensary shelves for pretty much ever. But there’s a reason for that — it’s buzzy cerebral effects are both gently energizing and uplifting, and you can’t beat those classic earthy spices in the scent and flavor. You’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this sativa-leaning strain in our full AK47 review, including details on its scent, flavor, effects, medical uses, lineage, appearance and potency levels.

AK47: Background 

AK47, also known as “AK,” “AK-47” or “AK 47,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from a melting pot of landrace strains from Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani strains. But while it has a pretty aggressive name, the fact is that at the end of the day, AK47 weed is more likely to help you relax than to charge you up. It’s known for its steadily mellow mental effects that may make you feel more mentally aware and engaged in whatever activities you might be entertaining yourself with. AK47 checks in around 13-20% THC, and while that doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s one of the more potent strains out there thanks to its high terpene content, including Myrcene, Pinene, and b-Caryophyllene. These terps make way for the spicy, earthy flavors you love from AK47 and also contribute to its mellow and focusing effects.

ak47 review
AK47 Strain Review

You’ll know you’re looking at a nug of AK47 cannabis when the smell hits you before the sight. Its pungent, sweet and sour aromas complement its classic weed look beautifully. On the plant, AK47 buds are vibrant and they stay that way long after cure. Each nug takes on a christmas-tree like shape and a bright green color that’s just real pretty to look at at the end of the day. AK’s pistils range in shades of dark red to amber orange which contrast beautifully with her light dusting of silvery trichomes.

AK47 scents, flavors and effects 

The AK47 weed strain has scents and flavors that still makes hype boys crinkle their noses today. If you walk into a grow room full of AK plants, you’re immediately hit with a fresh and herbal scent that smells like walking into an herb garden. However, as the flowers begin to bloom, you’ll notice a delicate floral scent along with a pungent dank earthiness. After the flowers are dried, some of those floral, herbal tones become harder to detect as they’re overpowered by that dank earthiness and a pungent spicy aroma. However, grinding the buds up brings back a lot of those fresher scents, making AK47 extremely well-rounded.

ak47 weed
AK47 Strain Review

While the scent is impressive, AK47’s flavors take it to the next level. Being so rich in terpenes like Pinene and Caryophyllene, it’s both light and refreshingly herbal, but also intensely spicy and peppery. An inhale brings forth a lot of sweet earthy tastes alongside a sweet and sour spice that is pretty much like pepper — and guaranteed to make you cough. But as you exhale, you’ll find some sweet relief with those herbal, floral flavors. The lasting flavor is very sweet and refreshing, with a delicate floral aftertaste. The heat in the smoke coupled with the cool floral flavors make for an interesting smoke sesh.

ak47 marijuana
AK47 Strain Review

But flavors and aromas aside, there’s a bit of bite behind that bark. Your high will set in immediately after your first puff, and you’ll feel it boosting your mental state with a potent sense of blissful euphoria. Happiness comes easily, as does laughter. You might even find it easier to engage in conversations and complete tasks around the house as your body settles into an invigorating relaxation and an energetic, but mellow cerebral buzz. The strain is great both day and night for its stimulating effects that often fade away for deep physical relaxation and a strong case of the munchies.

Medical uses of the AK47 strain 

AK47 marijuana has become one of the top strains for medical patients, hence why you see it at practically every medical dispensary across the globe. But between all of its uplifting and relaxing effects and mellow terpenes, this hybrid is a popular addition to medicine cabinets and gardens everywhere. Checking in at 13-20% THC, it’s ideal for people looking to enjoy relief from symptoms without becoming dysfunctional. Because of its happiness-amplifying, energizing, creative, focusing effects and potent mental lift, it may help with stress, depression, fatigue, attention deficit disorders and anxiety. But it also shows promise for physical symptoms, including chronic pain, headaches, nausea, and a lack of appetite, too. This one is sure to give you the munchies, too.

ak47 weed review
AK47 Strain Review

At the end of the day, you can reach for AK47 any time of day and find either relief or just a happy-go-lucky good time. If you want something that feels potent, tastes great, and may help you feel your best, you really can’t go wrong with AK47. The spicy and herbal flavors and the refreshing floral scent coupled with its floaty, blissful high is a great combo for what ails ya. We love it and considering everything, we’d be shocked if you didn’t.

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