You don’t have to roll to enjoy a blunt these days. That’s right, folks — we’re going paperless. And before the blunt blowers start clutching their pearls, take a few seconds to learn the deets in our latest product review. This week we’re talking about Twisty by the heads at 7pipe.

Meet Twisty 

Twisty is a revolutionary glass blunt device. Even though glass blunts have been around for as long as anyone can even remember at this point, Twisty is much different. That’s part of the reason it became such a hype viral internet sensation a few months back. But before we get into that, you should know that Twisty comes from 7Pipe, who have graced headshop shelves since 2007. One of their designs was so good that Eagle Eye Products bought the design and renamed it “Hotshot”. From there they came out with a few more designs that kept 7Pipe at the forefront of countless headshops. But then they caught lighting in a bottle when they dropped Twisty.

twisty review
7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

Twisty is ingenious, and very, very simple. Unlike all the other glass blunts that are basically a glass tube that you stuff full of weed and burn the crap out of your mouth on, Twisty is designed with a screw-like design that keeps the mouthpiece cool, amplifies airflow, and allows for fresh hits every step of the way.

A few great things about Twisty Glass Blunts

There’s a lot to love about Twisty. It’s so simple but so effective, and because it retails so affordably, it belongs in everyone’s on-the-go sesh bag. Twisty is incredibly portable, discreet, and easy to hide in a purse or a pocket. But here are some of the key points you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Comes in several sizes — Twisty glass blunts range from tiny to frickin huge. There are six different sizes in total, with the smallest holding a half of a gram — perfect for a solo sesh. The largest size on the other hand is fantastic for massive events and parties, with a capacity of up to two full ounces. No matter what size you’re looking for, you can find a Twisty for it.
  • Cool Pull Technology — The screw design inside the Twisty cools down smoke by doubling the length the smoke has to travel before it reaches the mouthpiece. It gives the screw plenty of time to absorb the heat from the smoke to produce hits that are up to 30% cooler than average blunt hits.
  • Fresh hits every time — The screw design is extremely clever. By turning the mouthpiece, you can push fresh herbs forward and knock away ashes with your lighter for a fresh hit and even fresher flavor throughout the entire duration of your smoke sesh.
  • Sturdy and effective design — Twisty is made with heat-resistant and ultra-durable pyrex glass— y’know, the stuff you can bake casseroles in — so it stands up incredibly well to heat. More importantly though, the screw and the mouthpiece are made from brass and coated in titanium to assist with cooling and make cleaning a snap. The mouthpiece on these babies hardly gets hot, which is a huge win if you’re used to burning yourself on paper blunts or other glass blunts.
  • Waterpipe adaptable — Twistys come with a waterpipe adaptor cap that goes on the end of your Twisty. The device still works exactly the same, but you can load it up and place it into a bong with a female joint. It works with female joints in 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm sizes.

How to use Twisty Glass Blunts: Pro Tips 

twisty glass blunt sizes
Twisty Glass Blunt Sizes

Using Twisty is incredibly easy. All you do is take the cap and stick it on the end of the glass tube and pack your bud inside. From there, push and twist the screw into the tube while holding your finger on the cap. Once it’s in there, just light up and hit it like any other blunt.

Twisty’s design comes with an infini-cherry that makes it much less likely to canoe or need to be re-lighted. If you need to ash it, just twist the mouth piece in the other direction so it pushes the ash out and knock it off with your lighter. If you want to save some of your blunt for later, just twist to ash and then put the cap on the end to store it discreetly for your next sesh.

If you’re not on the go but chilling at home, you’ll be pleased to hear that Twisty also comes with an o-ring that makes it compatible with most water pipes. Just stick it in the end of your pipe and rip it like any other. Regardless of how you hit it, just be sure to clean it out after your sesh. Twisty comes with a cleaning brush, but all of the parts can be soaked safely in isopropyl alcohol and salt if you’ve got resin buildup after a lot of use.

7Pipe Twisty Review 

At the end of the day, Twisty is one of the most important glass blunts out there. Between thousands of positive customer reviews and our own personal experience with the device, we don’t have one singular drawback or downside. It works as it says it does, it keeps cool, its discreet, and it looks and tastes great. Whether you’re tired of burning your lips or fingers on standard blunts or you’re just tired of rolling, you’re going to love Twisty just as much as we do. Best of all, that $40 price tag is nothing compared to its incredible value.

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