The golden age of cannabis is finally here! The growth of legalization in many states has brought us hundreds of options right at our fingertips; sometimes delivered straight to our doors. For medical users, the imperative demand for an alternative to smoking means inhalation is just another option when it comes to marijuana use. We can all give our lungs a well-needed break with the assortment of health-conscious treats, lotions and potions that are made available to us. We can say goodbye to the days of coughing fits, dead lighters and the stench of your old college roommates dirty bong water with these alternatives.

Best ways to consume weed without smoking it

So whether you consume weed for medical reasons or you just want to eliminate the negative health implications of inhaling smoke, here are 6 great ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking.

1. Edibles

marijuana edibles
Edibles provide a great way to enjoy cannabis without smoking as they can offer controlled doses and cleaner effects.

We all know that edibles are nothing new. Ask your hippie grandmother about her Woodstock days or watch any high school party movie where someone accidentally eats a “magic brownie.” It seems like there will always be a demand for tasty infused treats. Marijuana and munchies go hand in hand; why not combine them? Nowadays, party brownies aren’t your only option. The abundance of organic, sugar-free, gluten-free and guilt free edibles are everywhere you look. You can even choose to make your own cannabutter or cannabis infused coconut oil at home; turning your kitchen into your personal edible workshop! But medicate with caution. Start with a low-dose, as edibles can take up to an hour to kick in and can have intense psychoactive effects.

2. Vaporizing

vaping weed
Vaporizing is one of the most popular ways to consume weed without smoking due to it’s convenience.

If you’re looking to ditch your lighter, a vaporizer might be a nice choice. In comparison to traditional smoking, the chemical compounds of marijuana vaporize at a much lower, less harmful temperature than when lit. There are many options when it comes to finding the right vaporizer.  If you want something compact and portable, a disposable pen might be your go-to. Not sure if you’re ready to ditch your bud just yet? There is also the option of a dry-herb vaporizer! Whatever your choice may be, vaporizers can be discreet, quick and easy to use!

3. Ingestible Oils

weed oil
Ingestible oils are a great way to consume cannabis without smoking for similar reasons to edibles, and an even better ability to dose consumption

Similar to edibles, ingestible oils may take time to take effect and can be very potent, so use with caution. For medical (and recreational) users, ingestible products are a dream come true. Most come in a capsule or a plastic applicator, meaning you take it just like a vitamin or ingest it orally or in food or drink; making it a beautiful medicinal substance.

4. Tinctures

marijuana tinctures
Particularly effective for medicinal use, tinctures are infused oils applied under the tongue.

Tinctures are infused liquids that are applied directly under the tongue. Unlike ingestible oils or edibles, tinctures are intended to enter the users bloodstream immediately, resulting in quicker effects and more controllable dosing. Tinctures come in many different varieties, like chocolate agave syrup or even “golden mylk”; adding even more health benefits to your cannabis routine.

5. Topicals

marijuana topicals
Topicals are an alternative method for consuming cannabis that can provide localized relief to parts of your body.

Topicals are a dream come true for users looking to treat pain. They come in lotions, balms or even toothpicks! Great for soreness, muscle pain and more, most topicals are designed to be non-psychoactive, treating your symptoms without inhibiting day-to-day functionality.

6. Dabbing

dabbing weed
Dabbing is one of the best ways to get high without smoking due to it’s purity and clean effects

Dabbing is a unique method for using cannabis concentrates and is known for creating a more intense high and providing a healthier method of using marijuana than smoking it. Some may find that dabbing is a more advanced technique, as it requires the use of cannabis concentrates (or dabs) applied with a metallic nail and heated in a glass attachment with a butane torch. This method creates a flash-vaporization, which experienced dab users say is a cleaner approach to inhalation compared to traditional lighter-to-bud usage.

Now that you’re up-to-date on the magical world of alternatives to smoking cannabis, we hope you find the right product for you!

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