We’re all for window shopping heady glass goals, but there’s something so simple and pure about online retail: you can browse from your couch! LSS is here to help us celebrate 420 with a giveaway geared toward all things flower. One winner is about to be stocked up on glass that caters to all types of consumption methods.

Here’s everything that’s up for grabs this month:

1. Water Pipe

water pipe

Made from thick boro glass this water pipe is a dedicated daily driver featuring an ice catcher/pinch and an eight-arm tree perc, and beveled lip and base. With a diamond slide included, it’s ready to rip.

2. Doob Tube Tobacco Taster

This 2-in-1 is perfect for low-key, on-the-go tokes. Like all containers from this old-school brand, the features a glass one-hitter that fits perfectly in an airtight and waterproof tube. Take a quick hit and store it sans smell.

3. Blazing Blue Honeycomb Crutches

Who could pass on a nicely-rolled joint? There’s just something relaxing about pulling on a jay that’s rolled not too loose, or too tight, but just right. Add a and you’ve upped your experience to new levels. No sticky lips, or flower flakes in your mouth – just a joint dreams are made of.

4. Lavender 3” Chillum

Every stoner needs a . They’re perfect for quick, discrete hits, and are reliable and ready to get the job done. This three-inch lavender chillum is thick and durable with a large bowl ready to be packed. The details on this little pipe make it even more enjoyable, with a flat mouthpiece speckled with unique designs.

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