Marijuana comes in all kinds. Sativa, indica, ruderalis, hybrid. Edibles, vapes, joints, bongs. And hundreds upon hundreds of names.

There are so many strains of cannabis by this point that no single source offers anything like a complete list. But it’s not hard to find some downright weird names for weed. Here are our 10 favorites.

1. Tripleproof Blue Moonshine

Also known as Triple Proof Moonshine, this sativa-dominant strain may be a myth. There is very little information beyond its possible association with Blue Moonshine, an indica blueberry. Where “Tripleproof” comes from, no one seems to know, but let’s hope it means this strain packs the same wallop as real moonshine.

2. Spicy White Devil

This sativa earns its bewitching name by mixing Jack Herer and the Original Blueberries, both potent strains in their own right. The high is euphoric and long-lasting, delivering a strong dose of THC. As for the name, it’s a devilish mystery.

3. Wild Thai Ryder

There’s skunk, and then there’s Sweet Island Skunk. This super-potent sativa mixes a pure Thai strain with a high-quality ruderalis to create some of the strongest THC concentrations in the world. The high is intensely euphoric and exhilarating, great for medical use.

4. Sweet Island Skunk

This energetic strain is also known as Island Sweet Skunk. It’s a sativa and a descendant of Skunk #1. It produces a peppy high, and it tastes and smells of “sweet skunk,” an aromatic blend of traditional skunk and tropical fruits.

strange strain names

5. Steve McGarrett’s Hair

Nobody seems to know – or care – what this strain has to do with the real Steve McGarrett’s hair, but that’s beside the point. The name is great, and the lineage is impressive, with roots in Brazil, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia, and Thailand. And the high is perfect for a night spent binge-watching Hawaii Five-0.

6. Triple Afghan Slam

As the name suggests, Triple Afghan Slam is a descendant of three pure indicas from Afghanistan. This strain is intense, with a lot of THC and a deep, relaxing body high. The nugs are lime green and frosted with trichomes, hinting at the “Slam” in Triple Afghan Slam.

7. The Simpson Kush

Is this strain an homage to “The Simpsons?” Was it grown by someone named Simpson? No one seems to know. But we do know this indica is a cross of two famed OG Kush lines: SFV OG Kush and Fruit of the Gods. Despite its indica heritage, The Simpson Kush delivers a fast, uplifting, and motivating high.

8. Exodus Kush

As with most of the strains on this list, the story behind Exodus Kush is foggy at best. Stoners don’t generally name strains after books of the Bible, and it’s unlikely the growers were thinking of Israel or the movie with Paul Newman. But who really cares? The most important thing is the powerful, narcotic body high – an experience that will make you want to do anything but flee.

9. Nutcruncher

Ouch! Ironically, this painfully named indica works well as medication, especially as treatment for – you guessed it – pain. And it’s so strong the original grower of this strain said it made his left nut tingle.

10. Poison Dwarf

This three-way hybrid (sativa/indica/ruderalis) combines Northern Lights #2 and Mexican Ruderalis to produce a thick layer of resin. The poison, naturally, refers to this strain’s “poisonous” potency, though THC levels aren’t terribly noteworthy. The dwarf is more of a mystery – but isn’t that half the point?

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