White Fire Bud PictureType: Indica-dominant hybrid.

Genetics: Fire OG Kush X Krome’s The White

Appearance: Light green with flashes of a rusty-orange color. 

Smell: Super strong sour smell (how’s that for alliteration?). 

Potency: Strong initial hit.

Taste: Strong, very slightly sweet.

Summary: White Fire doesn’t burn at all, but it kicks hard. This strain will definitely get you high.


Though the strain White Fire (White Fire OG, WiFi, WiFi OG, etc.) is a hybrid, it has just the slightest indica dominance. White Fire kicks hard initially, with a very quick mental buzz onset. Shortly after that, though, the indica influence shows its colors by giving you a nice body high accompanied by couch-lock. The White Fire strain does a great job of mixing sativa and indica highs together; you’ve got a nice, uplifting brain buzz that rides together with a relaxing, pain-easing body high. In small to moderate doses this is fine for a day smoke if you don’t plan on moving much but don’t want to sleep. WiFi is also good for night-smoking, since it will give you a great body high and help you sleep in strong doses.

Simply put, there isn’t anything negative to say about White Fire. It’s great and definitely worth picking up. 5/5 stars!


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