Type: HybridSunset Sherbert
Genetics: Pink Panties X Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Durban Poison x
Appearance: Pale green and orange
Smell: Mild, not very heavy
Potency: High. A little goes a long way here; be ready to still be feeling it hours later
Taste: Smooth, not harsh at all. Subtle, sweet taste
Summary: Sunset Sherbet is an offshoot of Girl Scout Cookies and does its parent proud


Sunset Sherbet Review ►

Not much is known yet about this mystery herb. We know the Sunset Sherbet weed strain has gone by different names (Sunshine Sherbert, Sunrise Sherbert etc.) and that it was grown by the same person who bred Girl Scout Cookies (indeed, Sunset Sherbert is an offshoot of GSC) but beyond that this strain is an enigma. What we DO know is that it’s very potent and a great sativa-dominant hybrid. Be ready for lots of energy here; you won’t be couch-locked or tired on this thing. Tunnel vision and the desire to be productive make it good for projects and day smoking.

It looks like a frosted-over green mound of sherbet, and almost gives off a pale orange hue.

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet has a soft, sweet and mellow taste, with the added benefit of a smooth inhale. The buds are pretty pungent as they are, but the real smell is unleashed during burning.

This strain is also well-suited to some medical marijuana patients, holding properties which help to battle ADD and depression. And although not a powerful pain reliever, it is known to sooth joint pain due to arthritis. Sunset Sherbert is particularly popular among medical users as it provides the necessary relief without having to deal with the lethargy associated with indica-dominant strains.

Overall we’ll go with 4/5. While Sunset Sherbet is good, it isn’t Girl Scout Cookies good. It underwhelms in taste (though it is very smooth) and all in all just isn’t quite the same caliber.


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