Strawberry Diesel is a classic that you can find in most dispensaries — but it isn’t antiquated. It’s juicy, gassy aromas and balanced high makes it one of the most popular strains in the country. Below, check out everything you need to know about one of our favorite strains in our Strawberry Diesel review, including its scent, flavor, effects, medical uses, lineage, appearance and potency levels.

Strawberry Diesel: Background 

Strawberry Diesel is a 50/50 hybrid cross between Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough (a phenotype) and Sour Diesel. It was first propagated by Rez Dog of Reservoir Seeds, though there are many strains out there called Strawberry Diesel that aren’t the real deal. For example, some Strawberry Diesel strains are made with NYC Diesel and original Strawberry Cough. Regardless, Strawberry Diesel can be found as a staple in most dispensaries thanks to its high potency, ranging from 20-25% THC. It’s also chock full of terpenes like b-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, which make it ideal for a balanced, soaring, highly potent physical relaxation.

strawberry diesel weed strain
Strawberry Diesel review

Out of all the diesel strains out there, Strawberry Diesel has a refined classic-weed look. While growing, the buds are an electric shade of light green with amber orange pistils. The water leaves are on the lighter side, but still contrast darkly with the buds themselves. Dried flowers are insanely frosty and extremely resinous, so they’re extra sticky. But they’re also easy on the eyes with their golden yellow to light green colors and sandy orange pistils.

Strawberry Diesel scents, flavors and effects 

The Strawberry Diesel cannabis strain has scents and flavors that are still unmatched by today’s standards. While growing, the swollen nugs on these plants take over an entire room with notes of skunk roadkill, gas, and strawberries. The nugs themselves are so resinous that even when they’re dried, they still smell just as loud as they did before they were chopped down and dried. As they dry, they smell less like roadkill and more like spicy, fuel-tinged strawberries, though. But they’re still strong enough to overpower a room.

strawberry diesel review
Strawberry Diesel review

The tastes you experience with Strawberry Diesel weed also exceeds expectations, even though the strain was bred such a long time ago. Many people have compared it to smoking fruit juice since its so tart and flavorful. The smoke itself is thick and spicy, taking on a peppery taste with heavy diesel fuel and lemon notes. However, the exhale leaves behind an insanely fruit forward flavor, rich in ripe summer strawberries and sweet sugared berries. The lasting impression is ultimately sweet, but you’ll still enjoy those sharp sour gas notes throughout the smoke sesh.

The effects of Strawberry Diesel marijuana kick in instantly and will leave you feeling comfortable, compartmentalized, and vibey. The head rush has been compared to an ethereal and floaty sensation that might leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Its euphoric mental effects often fade away to a lazy creativity and an overall sense of tingly relaxation. However, many people also love it for its mellow body buzz that will leave you with plenty of physical relief alongside a fatigue-busting sense of energy.

Medical uses of the Strawberry Diesel strain 

With all that said, there’s a reason why many people keep the Strawberry Diesel weed strain in their medicine cabinets. Between its 20-25% THC levels, therapeutic terpenes, and balanced effects, Strawberry Diesel is a great daytime strain for many different symptoms. The energizing physical effects may help with chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, nausea, and a lack of appetite. However, the uplifting mental effects may also assist with stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorders, and otherwise sour moods.

At the end of the day, the true Strawberry Diesel is the perfect strain for any time of day, especially if you’re in the mood for something that tastes great and packs a punch. The lemon strawberry punch with the gas notes is honestly to die for, and you really can’t beat the effects. Between its euphoric and floaty high and its tingly body buzz, you can use it any time of the day for a little pick me up and pain relief. Plus with that potency, this might be the last strain you ever buy. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

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  1. My first year of growing strawberry diesel has been awesome. I do wish someone would share some insight with me on the fact one of my plants is turning purple. Is this common of this strain?


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