Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
Genetics: Trainwreck X OG Kush
Appearance: Small thick buds covered in crystals
Smell: Sweet lemon
Potency: Strong
Taste: Sweet lemons
Summary: Rock Candy is always a solid choice for the fans of body highs

Rock Candy Kush

Rock Candy Kush is quickly becoming one of the most popular strains available due largely to its great mix of gentle cerebral effects and medicinal value. Tokers who enjoy this strain enjoy the heavy, couch-locking sensation that comes along with this hard-hitting nighttime strain that can leave users in a deep body-stone and mellow, sedated head high. It also works as an effective appetite stimulant, so you can finally shake the stresses of the day, unwind, hop into something comfy, eat, and drift off into a deep, comfortable sleep. While it’s physical and mental effects are highly sought after for the standard user, many medical patients turn to Rock Candy Kush to combat depression and the hunger-staving effects of certain medications or chemotherapy. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Rock Candy Kush weed strain.


The Rock Candy Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between Trainwreck and OG Kush first propagated by an unknown breeder based in Cali. Both strains are born of landrace strains and an unknown 4th parent on the OG Kush side. All in all, this little beauty of a strain comes from Colombian, Mexican, and Thai landrace strains along with Hindu Kush, which is another near-ancient landrace strain. With this genetic makeup, you can expect Rock Candy Kush to have a unique terpene profile and largely indica-dominant effects. Most importantly, you can expect it to have that unique spicy kush flavor we all know and love.

Rock Candy Kush Weed Strain
Rock Candy Kush


Rock Candy Kush is a sight to behold. Her dried flowers range in hue from dark green to bright lime with sandy orange and amber pistils throughout. The flowers are small and dense, but they make up for their size in trichome production alone. Rock Candy Kush produces some of the frostiest flowers you’ll ever see. If you break a nug open, you can see just how resinous she is. The plant itself grows in typical indica fashion with broad dark-green-to-purple water leaves. Before harvesting and drying, her flowers are on the yellow-to-light-green side with bright red pistils curling out from among the trichomes.

Rock Candy Kush Cannabis Strain
Rock Candy Kush


Before the harvest, Rock Candy Kush flowers stink in standard Kush fashion. These plants will stink up any room they’re in with skunky, earthy notes and something reminiscent of fuel. However, when her flowers dry, they tend to mellow into something a little more citrusy when you break the nugs open. While they sit in the jar, they smell notably earthy with hints of wood and spices.


If you’ve ever smoked Trainwreck, you’ve tasted the intense pine and lemon flavor she has to offer. The Trainwreck genes in Rock Candy Kush pass this trait down, so she, too, tastes a lot like lemons. On the inhale, your first impression is largely of lemons. However, she still has all those OG Kush genes, which make her smoke thick and peppery and sure to make you cough. On the exhale, the lemon and spice meld into a full-bodied earthiness that leaves a lasting Kush impression.

Rock Candy Kush Marijuana
Rock Candy Kush


As we briefly touched upon at the beginning of this review, the Rock Candy Kush strain offers a lot when it comes to effects. You can really feel this strain in your body more than anywhere else, making it a great choice for reducing pain and relieving stress or tension that we tend to hold in our bodies after a long day. It does offer a few mental effects, though they’re more on the indica-stone level versus the sativa-energy. Rock Candy Kush will relax your body and your mind while gently uplifting and elevating your mood. However, it’s known to cause a case of the munchies as well as cottonmouth and dry eyes, so be sure to keep water and eye drops on hand.

Medical Uses 

The Rock Candy Kush cannabis strain is a great choice for medical patients who are suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, thorough many users rely on it for its ability to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. This strain is perfect for combating sleep-related issues like insomnia and helping people with eating disorders or hunger-staving medications to eat. It’s also a good choice for people battling anxiety, stress or depression, due to its gently uplifting effects.

Rock Candy Kush
Rock Candy Kush

Grow Guide 

Rock Candy Kush is rated as moderately difficult to grow since her OG Kush genes are a little picky about their growing conditions. She typically flowers in 7-9 weeks and yields 1-3 ounces per square foot. She grows out instead of up in typical indica fashion, so take extra care to weave, bend, and train whenever appropriate to keep her growth manageable and under control. A little trimming before flipping into the flowering cycle is also encouraged to help her focus on flower growth instead of foliage.

All in all, Rock Candy Kush is a great strain for its balanced medical uses and uplifting effects. The taste and smell are great, and she’s pretty easy to grow. Next time you see it at your favorite dispensary, give it a chance! You won’t be disappointed.

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