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Strain Reviews

What makes a solid strain? When it comes to high-grade pot, that answer is in the eye of the beholder. Every stoner has their favorite for good reason. Some smokers like to be couch-locked and relaxed while others crave an uplifted elevation that offers clear-headed productivity. For some, it’s more personal, like a skunky-smell that brings nostalgia. And sometimes, it’s strictly business that just boils down to THC content.

Strain Reviews

candy kush strain review

Candy Kush Strain Review

Candy Kush is a super popular strain in the medical marijuana scene, so it can be found pretty much everywhere. Beloved for its piney,...
solstice review

Solstice Strain Review

Solstice is a pretty rare strain that you can only find at a handful of dispensaries across the states. But those who have tried...
Sour weed strain

Sour Weed Strains: What Causes Certain Cannabis to Taste Sour?

Everybody loves a good sour strain. Their complex terpene profiles offer a unique flavor profile and may even offer unique effects, which is part...
diablo strain review

Diablo Strain Review

Diablo is another one of those strains that has been around for a super long time. But don’t let the name fool you —...
ak47 strain review

AK47 Strain Review

AK47 has graced coffee shop and dispensary shelves for pretty much ever. But there’s a reason for that — it’s buzzy cerebral effects are...
strawberry diesel strain

Strawberry Diesel Strain Review

Strawberry Diesel is a classic that you can find in most dispensaries — but it isn’t antiquated. It’s juicy, gassy aromas and balanced high...
master chem review

Master Chem Strain Review

Master Chem is a funky, skunky strain that only people in the southwest seem to be able to find. With rave reviews on its...
bubble kush strain review

Bubba Kush Strain Review

Bubba Kush is one of those strains that everyone has heard of but few have really appreciated. Best known for its uber-relaxing and sedative...

Writing strain reviews is easily the coolest job on the planet. Like, who wouldn’t want to get paid to get high and talk about it? But, it’s more than just that. Stoner Things’ strain reviews dive deep into every aspect of the bud. It offers extremely detailed information on the flower and goes beyond the appearance, flavor, odor, and effects that you can expect from typical reviews, and outlines an in-depth history of the strain. We also provide a snapshot that reports on potency, flavor profile, medical uses, and other helpful information.

It’s a labor of love, but somebody’s gotta do it (lol). Another reason why we love our job can be found in articles titled ‘Strawberry Cough’, ‘Best Cannabis for Boosting Creativity’, Highest-THC, Strongest Weed Strains on the Market’, and ‘The 10 Best Sativas of All Time’.

So, if you’re considering trying out a new strain, look to our reviews for some guidance. We’ll help you find what’s right for you.

Marijuana Strain Reviews
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