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Strain Reviews

What makes a solid strain? When it comes to high-grade pot, that answer is in the eye of the beholder. Every stoner has their favorite for good reason. Some smokers like to be couch-locked and relaxed while others crave an uplifted elevation that offers clear-headed productivity. For some, it’s more personal, like a skunky-smell that brings nostalgia. And sometimes, it’s strictly business that just boils down to THC content.

Strain Reviews

grandaddy purple strain review

Grandaddy Purple Strain Review

Grandaddy Purple is a world-renowned 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain that initially hit the California medical marijuana scene in 2003 when Ken Estes,...
girls scout cookies strain review

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

Type Hybrid. Genetics OG Appearance Brown and dark green. Smell Sweet and minty, for sure. Potency The one area where the Girl Scout Cookies strain is lacking is in potency. This isn’t the...
best cannabis strains for creativity

Best Cannabis Strains For Boosting Creativity

There are cannabis strains for just about every purpose today. It makes sense -- as legalization spreads the market has tried to meet customer...
strawberry cough strain review

Strawberry Cough Strain Review

If you’re a terpene fanatic, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Strawberry Cough because of its unique terpene profile that...

The Strongest, Highest-THC Marijuana Strains in 2019

No one stoner is the same. Each individual is unique in their exposure and experience with marijuana. Some people have very high...

Best Strains for Anxiety

Marijuana is something of a paradox when it comes to anxiety. On the one hand, pot is well-known to cause mild panic and paranoia...

The 10 Best Sativas of All Time

There's a good reason sativas reign supreme when it comes to the most popular marijuana strains. They offer pep, euphoria, and a heady high...

The 10 Best Indicas of All Time

It shouldn't be terribly surprising that stoners tend to prefer sativa strains over indicas. Sativas create an appealing pep that improves a day and...

Writing strain reviews is easily the coolest job on the planet. Like, who wouldn’t want to get paid to get high and talk about it? But, it’s more than just that. Stoner Things’ strain reviews dive deep into every aspect of the bud. It offers extremely detailed information on the flower and goes beyond the appearance, flavor, odor, and effects that you can expect from typical reviews, and outlines an in-depth history of the strain. We also provide a snapshot that reports on potency, flavor profile, medical uses, and other helpful information.

It’s a labor of love, but somebody’s gotta do it (lol). Another reason why we love our job can be found in articles titled ‘Strawberry Cough’, ‘Best Cannabis for Boosting Creativity’, Highest-THC, Strongest Weed Strains on the Market’, and ‘The 10 Best Sativas of All Time’.

So, if you’re considering trying out a new strain, look to our reviews for some guidance. We’ll help you find what’s right for you.

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