In our latest product review, we’re checking out Puffco’s Proxy, Learn all about the device in our Puffco Proxy review.

Introducing the Puffco Proxy 

Puffco is known for putting out incredibly intuitive electronic rigs and accessories — in fact, it’s what they do best. But we’re very excited about their latest device, the Puffco Proxy. Proxy is Puffco’s first waterless concentrate vaporizer with a modular and ultra-portable design. With a familiar style similar to your standard spoon pipe, it’s quickly become one of the most innovative and accessible designs on the market for dabbing newbies and on the go dabbers alike.

puffco proxy review
Puffco Proxy review

Under the hood is a removable base that slides into a glass pipe attachment. While it comes standard with Puffco’s original design, it can be customized to incredible levels with heady artist-designed glass that can accommodate the base. More importantly, Proxy also comes with Puffco’s 3D chamber. The 3D chamber is Puffco’s aftermarket chamber that was designed to replace their original chamber in the Puffco Peak models. But what sets it apart from the original is that the glazed ceramic bowl inside is embedded with heat tracers that heat the side walls of the bucket instead of only the bottom, which allows for easier concentrate to bucket vaporization, smoother, more flavorful hits and better temperatures in boost mode without sacrificing battery life.

Puffco Proxy Review 

Puffco Proxy has a lot of pros and very few cons. Stats wise, it’s an incredibly powerful device that seamlessly blends a comfortable, familiar design with innovative technology that keeps Puffco always at the forefront of everyone’s vape game. It’s highly portable and comes with a portable travel case from the get-go, able to hold the device, your hash, and several other accessories which are still yet to come.

proxy vape review
Puffco Proxy review

It comes with an ultra-fast USB-C charging cable that can have the Proxy ready to go in under an hour and a half, with a single charge lasting you around 20 hits. Its powerful battery and 3D chamber come with four precise temperature settings and an auto-sleep function to power it down and preserve its battery when you forget to turn it off.

It’s also incredibly easy to use. Just power it up, put your concentrates into the chamber, select your heat setting, and double tap it to heat it up like other Puffco products. You can double tap it again to switch it to boost mode, which keeps it warm long enough for multiple hits. After it buzzes in 30 seconds, you can hit your dab. Once it’s cooled down, it’s easy to disassemble and clean, too. Just use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol to clean the bucket after each dab. For big messes, you can soak the entire 3D chamber in iso without taking it apart.

puffco proxy
Puffco Proxy review

It’s got a lot of amazing things going for it. The only real con is its pre-set temperature settings, which don’t offer as much precise control over temperature as the Peak. But that said, it’s still an incredible, accessible, and portable model with tons of exciting accessories coming soon, including a water pipe and a chamber designed for vaporizing flower.

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In the box (or travel case) you’ll find the glass, the base, the 3D chamber, a carb cap with a tether, the charging cord, and a one-year warranty card along with some multi-tools and cotton swabs for cleaning. Its ergonomic experience and familiar design coupled with its high tech stats, boost mode, and intuitive function makes it a great buy if you’re just getting started with dabbing or looking for a more portable device than the Peak models.


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