Type: Indica-dominant hybrid.

Appearance: Green and a dark orange.

Smell: Like lemon-scented Pinesol.

Potency: Definitely a 5/5,

Taste: Earthy. You can nearly taste the soil it grew in.

Summary: There’s a reason Northern Lights has won more awards than any other strain. Nothing but sheer awesomeness.


Northern Lights budReview:

While nearly everyone has heard of Northern Lights, most people think it is pure indica. However, in actuality it is a hybrid, though heavily indica-dominant.

Northern Lights is quite popular worldwide so most people are familiar with its unique mixture of mental and body high. An excellent pain-reliever, Northern Lights also helps reduce anxiety, stress, depression and even nervousness. The remarkable blend of mental stimulation with physical wellness is what gives Northern Lights the reputation it has.

Never pass down a chance to take a hit from some NL if you come across it. Stoner Things has done many marijuana strain reviews but most of them don’t even come close to comparing with Northern Lights.

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