Type: Indica.Hindu Kush

Genetics: Pure land strain from a mountain range spanning 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Appearance: Forest green with orange.

Smell: Fresh, mild.

Potency: Very potent for an indica. Top of the charts in terms of strength.

Taste: Smooth at first, slightly harsh quickly after though. Light flavors of sweetness.

Summary: Hindu Kush might just be one of the best indicas out there. Hard to find a better example of a good kush.


The Hindu Kush travels to us from pretty far away; there’s a 500 long mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The plant originated from the Hindu Kush valley inside the range.

This may be the most powerful indica out there. It’s certainly up there in terms of strength, but that shouldn’t be too surprising since the translation of its name is, “Kills the Hindu.” Think about that the next time you find another kush strain.

The other great quality about Hindu Kush is the mental high that comes with it; be ready for a clear mind rather than the typical muddled thinking brought along by most indicas. Your body will certainly feel strong effects (Hindu Kush is great for pain-relief) but your head should remain active and calm.


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